Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

This guide is for Algeth’ar Academy

Overgrown Ancient

This is an add management fight that can quickly get out of control if not handled correctly.

Our recommended strategy for this boss is to stack neatly on top of your tank and move around the boss in a circle motion during Germinate council style.
This way the adds will be tightly placed around the boss which makes for easier time killing them off. Do this a couple of times and the boss is dead.

Barkbreaker: [Tank Mechanic] Tank ability that does a big chunk of damage and increasing damage taken by 100% for 9 seconds.

Germinate: spawns swirls under each players feet for a couple of seconds, getting hit by the swirls will do some damage and knock players up. This ability will leave dormant seeds on the floor. The seeds must be killed before Burst Forth otherwise they will turn into adds. Make sure to stack on the tank and run a small circle around the boss to make it easier to kill off all the adds.

Branch Out: A large area of effect ability that will does damage to the entire party and spawns and Ancient Branch add.

Splinterbark: is a heavy DoT that is applied to the entire party when the Ancient Branch spawns. This ability lasts for a long time and stacks.

Ancient Branch: The add that spawns from Branch Out needs to be focused, kicked and killed immediately.
Abundance: When the Ancient Branch dies it will spawn a green circle that heals all players inside it and removes all Writhebark debuff, make sure to stay inside the circle to remove your debuff and prevent it from stacking.

Burst Forth: Causes all players to take a large party wide hit and will turn all seeds left by Germinate into Hungry Lasher adds. the adds will leave a stacking poison on the tank and should be CC’d and killed as soon as possible.

-Tanks should use defensive cooldowns on Brakbreaker applications
-Stay tightly stacked on your tank and run circle around the boss to spawn the adds closer to each other for easier AoE damage, avoid getting hit by the swirlies
-Always make sure the Ancient Branch Add is interrupted.
-Stand in the big green AoE circle to clear your Writhebark debuff.
-Healers make sure everyone is topped off before Burst Forth happens.


Savage Peck: [Tank Mechanic] A big tank hit that leaves a heavy bleed for 10 seconds, make sure to have a defensive cooldown ready for each application. This ability can no longer be dodged or parried.

Deafening Screech: A party wide AoE hit that also interrupts spellcasting and increases the damage of next Deafening screech, this ability stacks!

Overpowering Gust: A frontal cone that targets a random player, does damage and knocks players who are caught away.

The main idea of this fight is managing Deafening Screech debuff with the “Play Ball” Mechanic.

Play Ball!: Will activate once the boss reaches 75% and 45% respectively. Scoring three goals on either Fire or Wind side will clear the players off Deafening screech debuffs and starts the next phase of the fight

Fire: upon scoring three goals on the fire side you will activate Firestorm this ability will stun the boss for 12 seconds and increases its damage taken by 75%, but it will also cause fire red swirlies to spawn all around the platform until the end of the fight.

Wind: upon scoring three goals on the wind side you will activate Roving Cyclone will causes wind to push players around until the end of the fight there will be Gale Force orbs scattered around the platform, collecting the orbs will provide immunity to knockbacks as well as a 45% haste buff for 12 seconds, this will also clear the Deafening Screech Debuff.

-Tanks should use defensive cooldowns on Savage Peck applications.
-Stop casting during Deafening screech and stay loosely spread to not overlap the debuffs.
-Dodge the frontal cone from Overpowering Gust
-Manage your Deafening Screech debuff by scoring goals when the debuff reaches 3-5 stacks, consult with your healers on how many you can handle to avoid wipes.
-Save cooldowns for Firestorm stun phase as the boss takes 75% increased damage to get the best out of the buff
-Dodge Red swirlies caused by firestorm
-Pick up orbs during Roving Cyclone to avoid getting pushed back for 12 seconds.


Arcane Expulsion: [Tank Mechanic] A frontal cone attack that targets the tank, make sure to face it away from your party.

Arcane Orbs: through out the fight Arcane Orbs will spawn and move slowly towards the boss, these should be soaked by players before they reach the boss. If they reach the boss each orb will give him 20 Energy and do a burst of AoE damage to the party. Soaking one of the orbs will do damage to the player and applies a stack that increased the damage taken from the next orb [Can be dispelled] have your tankiest DPS classes soak these and dispel if necessary. Can also be soaked with any immunities like cloak of shadows.

Mana Bombs: 3 players will get this debuff that does a ticking damage and leaves behind a pool when it expires. Spot heal the players with this debuff and place them away from the group. If you have Mana bombs debuff try to not soak Arcane Orbs as well as the debuff does a lot of damage.

Arcane Fissure: When the boss reaches 100 energy he will cast Arcane Fissure which will knock players away and spawns swilries for a couple of seconds.
Make sure you do not get knocked back into a pool left by Mana Bombs and dodge swirlies.

-Tanks should face the boss away from the raid to avoid hitting them with Arcane Expulsion
-Soak Arcane Orbs before they reach the boss, keep your stacks in check and let healers dispel before you soak more
-Spot heal players debuffed by Mana Bombs and make sure to drop them away from the party
-Avoid getting knocked back from Arcane Fissure into a Mana Bomb pool and dodge swilries

Echo of Doragosa

Overwhelming Power: Is a stacking buff throughout the entire fight. this buff is applied when players get hit by any of Doragosa’s abilities (Avoidable and non avoidable)
This will increase the damage you do by 5% stacking up to 3 times.  At 3 stacks this debuff will expire leaving behind an Arcane Rift.

Arcane Rift: Spawns after any player reaches 3 Stacks of Overwhelming power and will periodically spawn Uncontrolled Energy these should be dodged.

Power Vacuum: Pulls all players in and applies a stack of Overwhelming Power    and will do damage if you don’t run out of the circle fast enough.

Arcane Missiles: Targets random players and does damage and applies a stack of Overwhelming Power

Energy Bomb: Targets a random player and explodes after a few seconds or when dispelled doing damage to everyone around you and applies Overwhelming Power

Astral Breath: a frontal cone attacked aimed at a random player, get out of its way.

-Tanks should keep the boss away from Arcane Rifts dropped by Overwhelming Power
-Only Dispel Energy Bombs when the target is far away from everyone else
-Dodge the Astral Breath
-Run away as soon as you get pulled by Power Vacuum
-Avoid getting hit by orbs summoned by Arcane Rifts

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