Battle for Azeroth 

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Targets for every character:

  1. There is no longer a point to rush like crazy to 120 in BFA. This guide is stil designed to optimize your leveling time.
  2. In order to unlock World Quests you have to complete every zone's story chapters, but you won't need to do those on alts as they'll share account wide unlocks.
  3. Complete the first 3 quests for War Campaign (3 footholds).
  4. Maxing out your reputations will require you to do every quest in every location (see "Professions" page).
  5. The guide below is designed to get you to 120 and unlock World Quests as soon as possible, you'll do side quests at a later point. The alternative is to do side quests as well if you prefer to do that initially.
  6. Island Expeditions are unlocked account wide once you unlock them on your main.
Short FAQ for leveling your main to level 120.
  1. Level only in War Mode (+10% experience) + 4 additional PvP talents. PvP/PvE modes can be changed in Stormwind/Orgrimmar if needed. Dalaran Hearthstone—Capital—Hub portal.
  2. Don't loot anything except quest drops. Anything important will be retrieved to you by mailbox.
  3. Treasure chests only award war resources, you'll only need 100 to start the first quest of War Campaign quest chain and won't need more during the leveling process. Get them at lvl 120 if you need. 
  4. Rares don't provide you with xp or resources. Skipping them is advisable.
  5. Dungeons don't give much exp, only turn to dungeon leveling if quests zones are lagging. Other than that you can avoid them until lvl 120.
  6. Prioritize zone story quests first, skip Tortollan quests as their reputation does not award anything useful.