Class Set Drop statistic in 9.2 Shadowlands

Class Set Drop statistic in 9.2 Shadowlands

I’ve already received several DMs about how the updated droprate for sets will change gearing. Essentially, bosses 6-10 will drop 2 pieces of set gear and 2 pieces of non-set gear. This will cause some frustration for players who need non-set pieces from these bosses, especially Lords of Dread and Rygelon who drop pieces at +7 ilvl. However, Blizzard has somewhat compensated for the reduced drop rate by having these bosses drop fewer items. For example, Anduin and Rygelon drop 9 pieces each while Vigilant Guardian drops 11 and Xymox drops 12. It does still mean a reduced chance of seeing a specific item but it’s not as drastic as it may seem at first glance.

The most important question already being tossed around is: “how long until I can get my 4 set bonus?” Well, let’s do the math.

A full set of 24 raiders needs at least 96 pieces of set gear in order for every member to have their 4 set bonus. I’m going to do the following numbers off the idea that the raid team isn’t doing splits or funnels. 

Week 1: Raid team obtains 12 set pieces. (6 from normal, 6 from heroic)

Week 2: Raid team obtains 20 set pieces. (10 from n, 10 from h)

Week 3: Raid team obtains at least 20 set pieces. (10 from n, 10 from h)

Week 4: Raid team obtains at least 22 set pieces. (10 from n, 10 from h, 2 from mythic)

Week 5: Raid team obtains at least 22 set pieces. (10 from n, 10 from h, 2 from m)

Total: Minimum 96 set pieces, not counting any from vaults, not counting any duplicates that can't be traded. At this point, almost your entire raid team should have their 4set. 

Without using splits or a lot of set trading, the average mythic guild will be mostly using their 4set by Week 5. While there will be lucky members who get their 4-set on weeks 2 or 3 and unlucky members who get their 4-set on weeks 6 or 7, those are outliers. Adding in just a few normal splits with alts in weeks 2-3 greatly increases the speed at which you can obtain these 4set bonuses.

While we don’t know the exact chance you’ll get a set piece from your vault, if even 20% of the raiders get one every week then that’s an extra 25 set pieces by week 5. Raiders should be motivated to focus on set pieces from their vault to not only improve their own performance but to also be able to trade set pieces to guildies who may be unlucky. It’s going to be very important for your raiders to continue to run Normal until they get their 4sets. A 252 piece that activates your 4set will always be a significant upgrade over a 278 that does not.

You can only trade a set piece if you already have a set piece in that armor slot. If you have a 252 non set helm and get the 252 set helm to drop, you cannot trade it. Just like with normal loot, to trade a 265 set helm you will need to already have a 265 set helm soulbound. A 252 set helm will not allow you to trade the 265 set helm.

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