Domination sockets guide WoW

Domination sockets can be fulfilled by domination shards, then its effect will be activated. See our guide about new feature in 9.1 patch.
Domination sockets guide WoW

Domination sockets Guide WoW

  1. New type of items from raid is items with domination sockets. You can put shard of domination in it.
  2. There's 5 slots with sockets for every type of armor. 5 shards maximun. It's always head, shoulders, chest + 2 additional slot depends of armor type
  3. Items with sockets drops only from new raid.
  4. For now i can't tell from where we can get this shard. We know one drop from new world boss, another probably from the raid.
  5. There's 9 shards total. 3 for dps, 3 for survivability, and 3 for healing. It's divided into "blood", "Unholy","Frost".
  6. If you put in all 9 shards (for example frost) you'll get set bonus. This bonus works only in raid/thorgast/Maw/Korthia.
  7. Base affects from shard work everywhere (including pvp and m+)
  8. Every shard gives you 1-2% dps. Set bonus gives you around 2% dps.
  9. Best way to combine it is 3 dps shards and 2 utility shards what matches with bonus you need for your spec. This combination requir 5 sockets - it's maximum you can get.
  10. You can put in shards and pull out from items. It makes them very versatile.
  11. You can upgrade shards 4 times for stygia dust . You can farm in from raid.


Cloth Belt (Korthia) Braces
Leather Boots Hands (Korthia)
Mail Belt (Korthia) Boots
Plate Bracers Hands (Korthia) 





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