Torghast Guide Patch 9.1

Torghast Guide Patch 9.1

Torghast Guide Patch 9.1

  1. New currency - soul dust. You need it for tier 5 and tier 6 legendary
  2. Soul dust drops only form 9-12 levels of Thorghast.
  3. New difficuly level available from every week.
  • 1st week - 9 level is max
  • 2nd week - 10 level max
  • 3d week - 11 level max
  • next weeks - level 12 max

You can farm soul ashes by reclearing thorgast over and over.

9 level - 60 soul dust - gain 60
10 level - 110 soul dust - gain 50
11 level - 150 soul dust - gain 40
12 level - 180 soul dust - gain 30


Other sources:
New Maw even - 50 per week
2 weekly assault in maw - 100 total per week
44 renown reward once - 100 soul dust
Follower missions - 10-20 per missions.


  • Since the season starts you'll get quest " find a broker". In the end of it you'll recieve box of knowledge.
  • Box located in same place as legendary craft.
  • You need to get talent "The Adamant Vault " as soon as possible becuase it's provide you with sockets and conduit upgrades.
  • New currency Tower Knowledge is given for succesful Thorgast completing. Cap is 180 per week.
  • You need clear all mobs, destroy all items, make all quests to get perfect score in Thorgast.

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