Valor Points Guide for Shadowlands Patch 9.1

Valor points Guide for Shadowlands

Valor Points Guide for Shadowlands Patch 9.1 

Valor Points was a currency re-added in patch 9.0.5 and continued with us to patch 9.1, while mostly overlooked Valor Points are very impactful when it comes to gearing up and it has very little RNG impact unlike Weekly Vault drops.

In this guide we will go into details about the new Valor Point system, best ways to farm it, how to use it on your Mythic + gear in the most efficient way possible.

Valor Point Currency Overview:

Valor Points a currency that was re-added to the game in Patch 9.0.5 and still continued to be impactful in Patch 9.1.

Valor Points was designed to help players gear up through Mythic + dungeon by upgrading the end of the dungeon items to various item levels based on your current Mythic + Ratings / Score and goes from item level 210 to a maximum of 246.

How to Earn Valor Points in Shadowlands:

There are two ways to obtain Valor Points in Shadowlands: Covenant Callings and Mythic + dungeons

Covenant Callings:

  • You will receive 35 Valor Points per Rare Covenant Calling quest.
  • You will receive 50 Valor Points per Epic Covenant Calling quest.

Mythic + Dungeons:

Finishing Mythic + dungeons will also award you with Valor Points.

Finishing a Mythic + dungeon run, no matter what Keystone Level it is, will earn you 135 Valor Points. Making farming Low Keystone Level dungeons the fastest way to earn Valor Points.

If you or anyone in your group gains Mythic + ratings from the finished Keystone run you will receive an additional 65 Valor Points.

What Do I Do With My Valor Points?

Upgrading Mythic + Gear with Valor Points:

Each piece of dungeon gear from Item Level 210 to Item Level 246 that is obtained from Mythic+ Dungeons will be given a Rank from 1 to 12. This rank will be shown on the tooltip of the item. This includes items from the Great Vault, as long as they fall within the range of Item Levels. Upgrading a piece of gear will increase it by one rank.


Item Level

























You can use your Valor Points to upgrade your gear from anywhere between item level 210 to a maximum of 246.

However before you start upgrading there are some restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Mythic+ Rating Requirements to Upgrade Gear:

Here are a list of requirements you may need to be able to upgrade your dungeon gear using the new Valor Point system;

  • Upgrading an item that is Item Level 226 (Rank 6) or lower requires no achievement.
  • Upgrading an item that is Item Level 223 (Rank 7) requires a Mythic+ rating of 600.
  • Upgrading an item that is Item Level 233 (Rank 9) or higher requires a Mythic+ rating of 1000.
  • Upgrading an item that is Item Level 239 (Rank 10) or higher requires a Mythic+ rating of 1400.
  • Upgrading an item that is Item Level 242 (Rank 11) or higher requires a Mythic+ rating of 1700.
  • Upgrading an item that is Item Level 246 (Rank 12) or higher requires a Mythic+ rating of 2000


These unlocks are NOT account-wide in Patch 9.1 and you will need to personally achieve these ratings on each character individually to be able to upgrade your gear

Valor Costs to Upgrade Gear:

To upgrade a piece to the next Rank, you also will need a certain amount of  Valor. This amount varies based on what gear slot you're upgrading. There are 6 different  Valor costs with Weapons being the most expensive.

  • 250  Valor - Shield, Offhand, Ring, Cloak, Bracer, Neck
  • 400  Valor - Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots
  • 475  Valor - Helm, Legs, Chest
  • 500  Valor - One-Handed Agility / Strength Weapon
  • 750  Valor - One-Handed Intellect Weapon
  • 1000  Valor - Two-Handed Weapon

In conclusion, the best way to get upgraded Mythic + gear is to far the item you desire, preferably at +10 Keystone level, once you have obtained the item you then can farm lower level keys to farm up some Valor Points and upgrade your gear.

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