New World Cooking Leveling Guide

New World Cooking Leveling Guide

New World Cooking Trade Skill Leveling Guide


Cooking is a crafting Trade Skill in New World that allows players to create foods that regenerate health and mana, increase your attribute points, increase your luck while gathering

To get started on cooking you are gonna need to gather some cooking ingredients, head over to a kitchen or a camp fire and start cooking

Also important to note is the tier of the kitchen you are using. You will be limited to cooking items of the same tier as the crafting station you are using. So, in order to craft end game Tier V food you will need to find a Tier V Kitchen. 

What are the different types of Food and Buffs in New World?

There are four different types of food in New World and they each give you a different buff; 
  • Recovery Food - Used to recover health & mana
  • Attribute Food -   Used to increase a specific attribute point for a specific duration
  • Trade Skill Food - Used to increase your luck with a specific trade skill for a duration
  • Food Component - Ingredients that needs to be crafted in order to cook different recipes

How to level Cooking?

Keep in mind prior to starting your journey down leveling your cooking are the taxes in the settlement that you are going to be doing most of your cooking in, and the tier of the kitchen in your particular settlement.

So if you are going to be farming the ingredients yourself you might wanna make sure you are farming near a settlement where the taxes are not high.

We are going to be focused on using recovery foods to level.

  • Level 1 to 50:
    Cook either Travel Rations or Energizing Travel Rations (or a combination of both) to get to level 50 cooking you will need a total of 3,450 cooking experience. A total of 144 Travel Rations or Energizing Travel Rations To Hit Level 50 Cooking
  • Level 50 to 100:
     Cook Light Meals or Energizing Light Meals (or a combination of both) to get to level 100 cooking 24,820 cooking experience in total. A total of 276 Light Meals or Energizing Light Meals To Level from 50 to 100 Cooking
  • Level 100 to 150:
    Cook Satisfying Meals or Energizing Satisfying Meals (or a combination of both) to get to level 150 cooking 118,500 cooking experience in total. A total of 395 Satisfying Meals or Energizing Satisfying Meals To Level from 100 to 150 Cooking
  • Level 150 to 200:
    Cook Hearty Meals or Energizing Hearty Meals (or a combination of both) to get to level 200 cooking 393,750 cooking experience in total. A total of  508 Hearty Meals or Energizing Hearty Meals To Level from 150 to 200 Cooking

Some additional helpful tips;

  • Cooking Trophies - Gives different perks to your cooking (Requires Furnishing)
  • Cooking equipment set - There is one set of chef’s equipment available in New World to help the cooking trade skill currently. The set gives an increased chance to craft additional items while cooking. This will be very key for players who are looking to maximize profits while cooking in New World. 

Now if all of this sounds dull and boring to you and you want to skip it and get the easy way out, you can always order Cooking Leveling Boost from us and take your Cooking from any level you want to 200 in no time.

So go ahead and check the boost, or contact us directly on our live chat.

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