New World Engineering leveling guide

The most simple and easy to farm way to level up Engineering in New World, or if you want the easy way out you can order a boost from our website!
New World Engineering leveling guide

New World Engineering leveling guide


What can you craft with Arcana in New World? 

Engineering is a crafting skill that allows you to make the following categories of items:

  • Muskets
  • Bow
  • Bullets
  • Gathering Tools ( mining picks, harvesting sickles, logging axes, skinning knives, fishing poles, etc...)

So whether you want to craft some weapons and ammunition for yourself or trying to make some coins you are going to want to know the most simple way to max out your Engineering.

Engineering Workshop

The Engineering Workshop (Arrow/Musket icon on map)

You will be using the Engineering Workshop to get most of your recipes done and you will need to find higher tier workshops to continue progressing and it will be ranked as the following 

  • Camp Fire T1: Flint Tools
  • Workshop T2: 1-49 Recipes
  • Workshop T3: 50-99 Recipes
  • Workshop T4: 100-149 Recipes
  • Workshop T5: 150+ Recipes

Engineering Leveling Guide:


This is one of the simplest ways to level Engineering and is by no means the only way, you can use this as a guideline and mix and match as you go and see fit!


Level 1-50


Craft 116 Gunpowder to reach Engineering Level 50. You will need a total of 11,136 experience to reach level 50


  • 580 Charcoal
  • 232 Flint
  • 116 Saltpeter

Level 50-100

Craft 160 Aged Wood Fishing Pole. You will need a total of 86,239 Experience to reach level 100

  • 2080 Lumber
  • 480 Coarse Leather
  • 320 Linen

Level 100-150


Craft Wyrdwood Fishing Pole until you reach level 150 which is approximately 417,525 experience needed to reach 150 Engineering

  • 4,102 Wyrdwood Planks
  • 879 Coarse Leather
  • 586 Linen 

Level 150-200

Craft Ironwood Fishing Pole until you reach 200 you will be crafting for a total of 1,366,364 experience needed to reach 200 Engineering

  • 6,615x Ironwood Planks
  • 1,323x Coarse Leather
  • 882x Linen

Final Thoughts;

Now there are a lot of other ways you can mix and match to reach level 200 in Engineering but this is the most simple way of doing it. You can also craft ammunition as you go but we don't recommend it unless you need the ammunition for your class.

This guide is based on simple recipes to make and easy materials to gather and farm.

And if you like to skip all this grind and hassle you can always order Engineering Leveling Boost from us and take your Engineering from any level you want to 200 in no time.

So go ahead and check the boost, or contact us directly on our live chat.

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