Welcome to PewPewShop’s Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering Broodkeeper Diruma in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

This fight can get pretty hectic if not handled correctly. Its a two phase fight with a bunch of adds spawning.

Phase One:

During phase one you need to assign a Boss Tank and an Add Tank.
Add Tank’s job is to collect all the adds as they spawn and keep them at least 50 Yards away due to Broodkeeper’s Bond empowering all adds near the boss.

Boss Tank’s job is to rotate the boss around the room and positioning her around two eggs to destroy them using Greatstaff’s Wrath before they can hatch

After positioning the Staff near 2 set of eggs players may now move closer, use their extra action button Focus Greatstaff and the beam from the staff will follow them instead, guide the beams over the eggs to break them before they hatch.

On Heroic breaking the eggs will enrage the boss for a little bit and do some raid wide damage try to stagger breaking the eggs if you need to.

Rapid Incubation will cause two eggs to start hatching and you need to move your beams over them and break them quickly.

Icy Shroud will deal a moderate amount of raid wide damage slows people and applies a healing absorb shield. The healing absorb can be dispelled or simply healed through. Making cooldowns like Mon’s Revival optimal for this ability.

Wildfire willt target a couple of players doing some damage and after a delay exploding leaving a swirly on the floor that should be dodged. On Heroic this ability will also deal damage to players around the targeted ones, make sure to stay loosely spread.

Mortal Stoneclaws [Tank Mechanic] This ability will be cast on the current active tank doing some heavy damage, leaving behind two debuffs, a 65% healing reduction and a bleed effect. During Phase One you might not need to tank swap. But during phase two you will need to.

Make sure your raid moves quickly to the adds and nukes them as fast as possible.

There are a few add mechanics you need to pay attention to;

Tarasek Earthreaver; 

Tremors  a frontal cone that does damage and stuns players. Tank should face them away from the raid and make sure to dodge  it.
Burrowing Strike [Heroic Tank Mechanic] Does damage to the current tank and increases their damage taken by 20% This can also stack. You might need to tank swap if this gets too much to handle.

Drakonid Stormbringer;

Ionizing Charge Targets a couple of player with pulsing damage in a small radius make sure to move away from everybody.

Static Jolt [Heroic] An interruptable cast that does damage and stuns a random player, make sure this is always interrupted.

Tarasek Legionnaire;

No notable abilities just make sure the tank taunts them.

Primalist Mage;

Ice Barrage the magi will cast Ice Barrage at random players make sure its always interrupted.

Dragonspawn Flamebender;

Flame Sentry will spawn Flame Sentries around that stays on the ground and rotates around, make sure to stay away from it.

Cauterizing Flashflames [Heroic] this ability will hit all adds and players doing some moderate damage but healing everything up for 200% of the damage dealt. Make sure to keep it interrupted.

You can also use this ability to get damage on the adds but purge the buff that they get after, any offensive purges and mass dispells will work.

Juvenile Frost Proto-Dragon;

Chilling Tantrum Raid wide AoE damage with a slow effect to it, healers need to deal with that ability.

Rending Bite [Heroic] this ability deals some damage to the tank and leaves a heavy bleed effect, it also stacks. Your healers may need to spot heal the tank and this add should be dealt with fast.

Nascent Proto-Dragon;

No notable abilities, should be collected by the tank and cleaved with all the adds.

After breaking all the eggs the boss will transition to phase two where she gets empowered versions of her abilities.

Phase Two

Broodkeeper’s Fury The boss will now enrage doing 15% increased damage that stacks every 30 seconds.

Greatstaff’s Wrath will now target random players make sure to bait it away from everyone else.

Icy Shroud will now root all players instead of just slowing them. The root is attackable and you will break free after it dies, help all your raid members break free as fast as possible.

Mortal Stoneclaws will now apply longer debuffs to the current tank and you must taunt swap after.

That should be all you need for Broodkeeper Diurna!

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