Battle Of Dazar'alor (BoD) Mythic Raid Boost

Special bosses storyline wings for each faction with temporarily changing race raid

Dazar'alor (BoD) mythic boost

Dazar'alor mythic boosting service includes:

Loot options

  • With Personal Loot Mode, all items will drop personally to you, so we can't guarantee the amount of items;
  • With Add 3/5 Boosters the specified number of players with your armor type will be added to trade all weapons and gear they receive during the raid;
  • For +3 Boosters we guarantee minimum 6 items;
  • For +5 - minimum 8 items
  • If you don't get the amount of guaranteed items, we will invite you to the next raid till you get the needful number. 

Extra options:

  • With Selfplay you will play on your own, otherwise we will play on your account (piloted run);
  • Full gear means that you will get 415+ lvl item in every equipment slot;
  • With Add mount it's possible to buy Glacial Tidestorm additionally.


  • Raid takes 2-3 hours;
  • We will use VPN of your country and city, if you choose account sharing.


  • 120 LvL Character;
  • Account Region: EU & US.

Battle Of Dazar'alor Mythic loot run

Loot options

Extra options

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Payment methods:

I have used PewPewShop many times over the years and they have always delivered. I am a casual player who cant stand mythic+ and raids and PewPew helps me get the stuff I need in a safe and secure way.



Since my first experience with them was very good I went ahead and bought a couple of other boosts from them. Every job was done fast, reliable and with good progress communication. I even got a stream so I could watch it. I believe I've found the best boosters on this market


Trade Feedback 100%

Bought two heroic antorus PL runs off these guys for two toons, they did them back to back days and a perfect job with great communication and a good price. Really couldn't ask for much better. I'd definitely recommend these guys.


Rating 100% 

This was the best, quickest and most important cheapest boost ever! Me and the customer support guy were watching the boost via livestream and had a good time.. 2 Hours after payment and the boost was done! 100% recommending this guys !


Success rate 100%

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