• Here you can buy WoW (World of Warcraft) Uldir Mythic Raid boost for Europe servers; 
  • 8 bosses in new awesome raid Uldir Mythic mode;
  • Achievements: Halls Of ContainmentCrimson DescentHeart Of CorruptionAhead Of The Curve G'huunCutting Edge: G'huun;
  • In case you choose Personal Loot Mode option, all 385+ lvl items will drop personaly to you;
  • In case you choose +Boosters option, we will make special raid group relying on your class. For example, if you are a hunter we will add more hunters and shamans, who will give you their loot. In this case we can maximize the amount of items you will receive;
  • In case of Selfplay option you will play on your own, otherwise we will play on your account (piloted run);    
  • Free stream of your run, if you choose account sharing;
  • If you want to prepare your character's gear to Heroic Raid - you can go first in Uldir Heroic Boost and get 370+ ilvl items.
  • Before of Uldir release you can get 325+ ilvl gear in Heroic dungeons and 340+ ilvl gear in Mythic dungeons, also you can order Full Heroic/Mythic dungeons gear.


  • We do this service with and without account sharing;
  • Run will be done in 25-30 people in case Personal Master Loot mode;
  • We don’t use any programs or bots, only hand work;
  • We will use VPN of your country and your city, if you choose account sharing.


  • 120 LvL Character;
  • No gear requirements;
  • We need your login and password, if you choose account sharing;
  • Attention! We don’t need your secret question answer and password to your mail, so it’s impossible to steal your account;
  • Account Region: Europe



Total price:

Experienced team

We have completed over 7500 orders. Our team is highly skilled, with a minimum of five years gaming experience and extensive knowledge of their tasks.

Account safety

During the execution of the order, only you and our team will ever be involved. Data from your account will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances


We can organize a stream as an option of your choosing. You can observe execution of the order from beginning to end. Only the honest and transparent execution of all orders

Money back guarantee

We will refund your money if for some reason we were not able to execute the order.