There are two major changes with legendaries in 9.2. First, with the advent of set pieces and the removal of dom sockets, you may need to change your legendary slot. The Chest and Shoulder set pieces drop at +7 ilvls. Almost all classes will want to use these items no matter their stat priority. This means that the ‘best’ slot for most classes to craft their legendary will be helmet due to higher stats and guaranteed socket, but check your individual class discord for more information. If your main power can’t be crafted in helmet, you can craft your Unity power in that slot once you obtain it in week 5. Legs are a good backup option but do not come with the guaranteed socket.


The second major change is, starting on Week 5, players will have the ability to equip both a regular legendary and a covenant legendary at the same time. You will have two different ways to do this: either through the free ilvl 265 belt granted after completing Chapter 7 of the storyline or, once you have the belt and are revered with The Enlightened, you can purchase the ability to craft that power on to any item slot for 500 Cosmic Flux. It’s important to note that the 265 belt cannot be upgraded to 291 and has defined stats. Currently, it will take roughly 4 weeks of daily activity to reach Revered. See below for more information.


Legendaries will also gain an additional rank – rank 7 – bringing them to ilvl 291. This will require 2000 Cosmic Flux and a white quality Runecarving item similar to previous ranks. The recipe for the Runecarving item comes from the new The Enlightened Reputation. See below for more info. Remember, if you are crafting it in a new slot, you will still need the 5150 Soul Ash and 1650 Soul Cinders in order to craft the item.

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