As SoD Phase 2 approaches, Blizzard has announced that Waylaid Supplies won’t give you Exp after level 25.

Returning Waylaid Supplies Won’t Give You Exp in SoD Phase 2

As the level cap in Phase 2 rises to 40, World of Warcraft players have been exploring various strategies to expedite their journey to the new cap. One popular tactic involved accumulating experience points by turning in Waylaid Supplies, crates obtained by defeating mobs across Azeroth. These crates promised significant Exp gains upon redemption. However, Blizzard’s latest announcement has altered many players’ plans significantly.

Phase 1’s Level Band Waylaid Supplies Won’t Give You Exp

Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield took to Twitter to announce that Waylaid Supplies obtained from Phase 1’s level band will no longer grant Exp rewards beyond level 25. Consequently, these collected crates won’t contribute any Exp to players’ progression to level 40.

The previous level band’s crates just don’t give XP once you are 25 or above. The new crates you’ll find on higher level mobs/chests/etc starting on Thursday give you experience. Stacking the current crates won’t be much benefit (past rep, if you still need it).” — Josh Greenfield

However, fans need not despair. Greenfield also mentioned that with the arrival of Phase 2, Waylaid Supplies obtained from higher-level mobs, chests, and other sources would still grant experience points. So, while Phase 1’s supplies won’t serve any purpose for reaching the new cap, farming and returning Phase 2’s supplies will remain an effective method for leveling up.

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Have you been stockpiling Waylaid Supplies in anticipation of a swift level up? What are your thoughts on Blizzard’s choice to withhold Exp rewards? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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