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TBC Leveling Boost
from €109,00
Buy TBC Leveling Boost  TBC leveling boost is a best way to level your character in Burning Crusade Classic without  any cares. Choose your current level , speed of leveling and gear option , then order it and we will start your leveling package order same day!  We will Level your character to max 70 level in-game   All gold, gear and items during the leveling stay on Your account. Speed of leveling conditions: — Slow leveling takes 10-14 days— Medium leveling takes 4-8 days— Fast leveling takes 3-6 days.
tbc hourly leveling - pewpewshop.pro
TBC Hourly leveling
from €10,00
TBC Hourly leveling boosting TBC Hourly leveling boost is best way to combine your own playtime with your work or sleep schedule! Hire our booster , and go to work, or go sleep - whenever you will be away from PC our player will keep leveling your character. You may order any amount of hours and split them between different sessions. All gold, gear and items during the leveling stay on Your account. You may choose way of leveling - dungeons or questing, or combination of those. You may split your leveling hours between different sessions/days
TBC Reputations farm - PewPewShop Boosting Services
TBC Reputations farm
from €99,00 €149,00
Burning Crusade Reputations boosting service includes: Friendly/Honored/Revered/Exalted reputation level; Access to all reputation bonuses, mounts, pets. Requirements: 70 LvL Character; Account Region: EU & US.
Karazhan attunement unlock TBC
Karazhan Attunement Unlock
TBC Karazhan attunement key unlock boost TBC Karazhan attunement key boost will give you access to the first Burning Crusade raid - Karazhan. Our booster will complete for you an extremely long process of quest chains and dungeons. If you buy Karazhan attunement carry you won't need to find information about how to unlock - we will do it for you! TBC Karazhan attunement boosting service includes: Karazhan access; All gold, gear and items during the boost.  Requirements: 70 level character; Fly mount; Region: EU & US.

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