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Mythic Dungeons Full Gear
from €199,00
Mythic+ Dungeons Full Gear Mythic + Dungeons full gear is the ultimate gearing option for new characters and alts. Get as many pieces of gear as you possibly can in just a few hours. We will set up a team tailored for you with your same armor stack to ensure the most loot for your spec/class. You will get 236 ilvl upgradable gear up to 246 iLvl! All gear will be traded out to you for fastest way of gearing up. How does it work? Our team will run you through as many dungeons till you have the specific gear iLvl you ordered in every possible slot! Choose from multiple options: 223/226/229/233/236 iLvl gear. All the gear will be traded to you, you also get to keep anything you loot. No gear requirement! you don’t need any gear to apply for this boost so you can enjoy a fast and efficient gearing experience. Requirements: Level 60 characterNo minimum iLvl required An active account on either region, EU or US
SoD Full Gear boost
Sanctum of Domination Full Gear
from €299,00
Sanctum of Domination SoD full gear boost Sanctum of Domination full gear boost is the fastest way to gear up your character without extra charges. You need to choose raid difficulty and we will find the best team for your order. This team will gear up your character for several weeks until you will get the heroic or mythic item in each equipment slot. Order carry & gear up without any effort! Sanctum of Domination full gear boosting service Full gear means that you will get the item in every equipment slot; Start right on 1st week after SoD raid release Please, contact an operator for exact gear list; In Normal run the level of items will be 226 – 233; In Heroic run the level of items will be 239 – 246; In Mythic run the level of items will be 252 – 259; If you don't get the number of items in the first raid, we will invite you to the next till you get the needful number. *Loot system doesn't allow to trade items with higher lvl than yours, so they will trade everything except those ones. Requirements: 60 LvL Character; Account Region: EU.

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