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Mythic+ Plus Dungeons from €20,00
Mythic+ Plus Dungeons boosting service PewPewShop is offering Mythic+ dungeon boosting, where you get to choose a dungeon from eight currently available in the shadowland season. The mythic + scene is a complex, challenging and time consuming aspect of the world of warcraft game, which can be a bit overwhelming for new players or undergeared ones. And with all the RIO requirements to get into decent groups it can be a hassle. Our team of dedicated and professional wow veterans will help you through the dungeons to make sure it's cleared as fast and smooth as possible as well as get the best rewards available. What’s included with the boost? Your desired key completed as fast and smooth as possible Multiple key level options Package deals (Order 3 runs and get 1 free!) Keystone master deals Multiple loot options and vip traders / armor stacks (add up to 3 traders!) RIO boost that will guarantee you get in future groups easier Weekly chest reward based on the key level of your choosing (up to 252 iLvl in your vault) How does the Mythic + loot system works? On successfully finishing a mythic + run you’ll get a chance to loot an item that corresponds to the keystone level you finished as well as an item you can pick up from the great vault. A comprehensive table guide can be found below; Dungeon level Level of items in Dungeon Level of Conduits in Dungeon Level of item in the weekly chest 6 223 213 229 7 223 213 233 8 226 226 236 9 226 226 236 10 229 226 239 11 229 226 242 12 233 226 246 13 233 226 246 14 236 226 249 15 236 226 252 Requirements: 60 level character An active account on either region, EU or US 
Keystone Master: Season One - PewPewShop Boosting Services
Keystone Master: Season Two from €899,00
Keystone Master: Season Two Boost Keystone Master: Season Two is probably one of the most important Mythic + achievements. You get this achievement by attaining 2000+ Mythic + ratings in Shadowlands season 2. This also allows you to be able to upgrade gear that you loot from Mythic + dungeons up to a 246 iLvl. For this achievement you need to roughly finish all available shadowlands dungeons on a keystone level of 15+ on both fortified and tyrannical mythic + weeks. What will I get? Achievement: Keystone Master: Season Two Mount: Soultwisted Deathwalker Title: “The Tormented” Gear: You will now be able to upgrade your dungeon gear to the current max ilvl 246 Our team will help you through all the available dungeons on a +15 difficulty, guaranteed to be done on time and at the fastest possible rate. Loot options are also available, you can add up to 3 extra traders and make sure you get the maximum amount of gear! Requirements: Level 60 character An active account on either region, EU or US
Mythic Dungeons Full Gear - PewPewShop Boosting Services
Mythic Dungeons Full Gear from €199,00
Mythic+ Dungeons Full Gear Mythic + Dungeons full gear is the ultimate gearing option for new characters and alts. Get as many pieces of gear as you possibly can in just a few hours. We will set up a team tailored for you with your same armor stack to ensure the most loot for your spec/class. You will get 236 ilvl upgradable gear up to 246 iLvl! All gear will be traded out to you for fastest way of gearing up. How does it work? Our team will run you through as many dungeons till you have the specific gear iLvl you ordered in every possible slot! Choose from multiple options: 223/226/229/233/236 iLvl gear. All the gear will be traded to you, you also get to keep anything you loot. No gear requirement! you don’t need any gear to apply for this boost so you can enjoy a fast and efficient gearing experience. Requirements: Level 60 characterNo minimum iLvl required An active account on either region, EU or US
Glory of the Shadowlands Hero - PewPewShop Boosting Services
Glory of the Shadowlands Hero from €79,00
Glory of the Shadowlands Hero Glory of the Shadowlands Hero: Is a cosmetic World of Warcraft achievement that rewards a unique expansion mount. The main achievement will require you to complete a series of 24 Shadowlands dungeon achievements. When you finish it, it will reward you with a Voracious Gorger mount, the achievements are usually tricky, complex and difficult to finish. When you order this boost you’ll be matched with an experienced and fully equipped team that will run you through all the needed dungeons and help you get all the achievements you need to receive your new shiny mount in a fast and reliable way. What will I get? Achievement: Glory of the Shadowlands Hero Mount: Voracious Gorger Requirements: Level 60 characterAn active account on either region, EU or US

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