50 - 60 Leveling Shadowlands - PewPewShop Boosting Services
50 - 60 Leveling Shadowlands from €79,00
50 – 60 Power Leveling boosting service includes: Level for your chosen character from 50 to 60; Access to unlock the Maw; All gold, gear and items during the leveling. Options: Regular leveling takes about 48 hours; Fast leveling takes about 36 hours; Ultra fast leveling takes about 24 hours. Requirements: 50 LvL Character; No gear requirements; Account Region: EU & US.
Torghast tower - PewPewShop Boosting Services
Torghast tower from €39,00
Torghast Tower SL boosting service includes: Chosen amount of runs of Torghast dungeon; All Soul Ashes during the boost. Requirements: 60 LvL Character; Account Region: EU & US.

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