Renown Boost WoW
Renown Boost WoW
from €49,00 €119,00
Renown Boost Wow Renown is the new progression system in world of warcraft, it's tied to your covenant and will progress your character’s power through the entirety of shadowlands.The more you progress and level your renown the stronger your character will get, you’ll unlock soulbinds and conduits that are detrimental to your DPS What do I get? Fast and reliable renown farm up to your desired level. Covenant campaign progression. Unlock all the necessary soublinds. Unlock renown gated cosmetics Renown mounts, pets and toys. Requirements: Level 60 characterNo ilvl/gear requirementsAn active account on either region, EU or US
Starstone Barrows Expedition boost
Starstone Barrows Expedition boost
from €60,00
Starstone Barrows Expedition Amrine Excavation Expedition is one of the first 5-Player PvE activity you will encounter in the MMORPG New World, it is unlocked at level 35 and can be quite challenging to complete early on. Buying this boost will allow you to skip a lot of wasted time So whether you don't have the time or simply don't want to struggle getting this activity done on your own, buying this boost from us will ensure you get your run complete in the cheapest, fastest and most efficient way! What will I get? Startstone Barrow expedition completed Achievement "I Was Expecting More Of A Menhir" New Title "Ancient's Bane"  Chance on rare Tier III gear and weapons All loot, coins obtained through the run +/- 810 Weapon Mastery Point Per Run 100% Safe, handmade, reliable service. Boost option even if you don't have the tuning orb Requirements; New World Account Level 35+ character 1 Starstone Tuning Orb per run requested, or pick the boost option for us to provide you with the Orb Steam Guard Active  
TBC Classic dungeon boost
TBC Classic Dungeon boost
from €22,00
TBC Classic Dungeon boost TBC dungeon boost will help you to join the group which was made for you. So you don't need to find a group via chat or make your own. Buy TBC normal or heroic dungeons runs to save your nerves and time! You can order any of those dungeons: Hellfire Ramparts normal and heroic boost The Blood Furnace normal and heroic boost The Slave Pens normal and heroic boost The Underbog normal and heroic boost Mana Tombs normal and heroic boost Auchenai Crypts normal and heroic boost Magisters' Terrace normal and heroic boost Sethekk Halls normal and heroic boost Shadow Labyrinth normal and heroic boost The Shattered Halls normal and heroic boost The Botanica normal and heroic boost The Mechanar normal and heroic boost The Arcatraz normal and heroic boost Escape From Durnholde normal and heroic boost The Black Morass normal and heroic boost Old Hillsbrad Foothills normal and heroic boost TBC dungeon boost service Run to the chosen dungeon; All gold and loot during the run; Note: only account sharing servise. Requirements: 70 LvL Character; Account Region: EU & US.
Wow Character Figurines
Wow Character Figurines
from €590,00
Order a figurine of your own World of Warcraft character! Make all your friends jealous with our hand-made World of Warcraft figurines. Make your World of Warcraft character come to life and add a touch of Azerothian magic to your room! Can I customize my order? Yes you can! You can choose any character, may it be your personal character or any other character from the World of Warcraft universe (Illidan, Tyrande, The Lich King..etc) You can customize the pose ,the armor set, the weapons , race or any other parameter. You can customize almost anything, including the location that the figurine is standing on! Just tell us your preferences. All our figurines are made out of Velvet plastic with is light and pleasant to the touch! How does the order work? Estimated time of production:  30-60 days Size of figure: height 40-45 cm width 10-20 cm depth 10-20 cm VIP Priority: means we will put your order in VIP queue so it will be done faster Fast shipment: means we will order a fast option on the delivery service instead of regular one.

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