Hello and welcome to PewPewShops Mythic + dungeon boss breakdowns where we simplify boss abilities and give you a quick idea on how to deal with this.

This quick guide is for Court of Stars

Patrol Captain Gerdo

Signal Beacon: this ability will summon adds depending on how many active beacons are up. The beacons are scattered around the start of the dungeon and we recommend disabling at least 5 out of 6 before starting the boss encounter.

Flask of the Solemn Night: When the boss reaches 30% hp he will run and drink the flask increasing its haste and damage done by 30%. Rogues and Alchemists can poison the flask instead which will cause the boss to die after drinking it instead. Highly recommend preparing for that when making your group

Streetsweeper: Is a random line skill shot that does massive damage if you are caught in it.

Resonant Slash: is a frontal cone both Infront and behind the boss, make sure to stay out of its way.

Arcane Lockdown: is a three stack heavy damage over time spell that also slows your movement speed. Jumping will cause one stack to be removed, so jump three times! This can also be dispelled by healers or by any movement freeing abilities, Vengeful retreat, Tiger’s lust..etc

-Make sure to deactivate at least 5 beacons before engaging the boss. Having one beacon active will also give you shorter RP on the last boss saving you some time.
-Don’t forget to poision the flask!
-Dodge the lines from Streetsweeper
-Dodge the frontals from Resonant Slash
-During Arcane Lockdown make sure to jump three times or get dispelled by your healer or any movement freeing abilities(Hand of Freedom, Tiger’s lust, Sprint, Vengeful Retreat..etc..)
-If you get adds during the fight make sure to kill them quickly and interrupt Hinder as it will stun you and could turn deadly
-If you posioned the flask the boss should die at around 30% HP

Talixae Flamewreath

Burning Intensity: the boss will periodically cast this ability which does AoE party wide damage and permanently increasing the damage by 10%

Withering Soul: is a stacking debuff that reduces everyone’s health and move speed by 10% stacking permanently as well. This should always be interrupted and you should work an interrupt Rotation for it.

Infernal Eruption: will cause fire swirls to appear underneath every player that does damage and knock players upwards, this ability will also spawn Infernal Imps and leave behind fire patches that does heavy damage and knock players upwards.

Infernal Imps: will cast fire bolts at random targets. They will also start channeling Drifting Embers which will cause a massive amount of AoE party damage this should be priority interrupt and cc’d

-Have your kick order in check before fighting the boss as you always need to keep Withering Soul interrupted
-Stack tightly on the tank before Infernal Eruption to have all the fire patches and the adds in one spot
-Avoid getting hit by Infernal Eruption
-Crowd control, interrupt and nuke the imps as quickly as you can

Advisor Melandrus

Blade Surge: The boss will target a random player and dash towards them doing damage to the player and anyone near them also leaving a bleed for 12 seconds. The boss will also leave an after image that copies his other abilities

Piercing Gale: Causes several lines to appear on the floor getting hit by one of them will deal massive damage. The After images of the boss will also cast this ability.

Enveloping Winds: Will cause random tornadoes to spawn doing damage and stunning anyone caught in them for 4 seconds

Slicing Maelstrom: The boss will periodically cast this ability doing massive party wide damage, the after images of the boss will also copy this ability so each cast will be doing more and more damage.

-Have one of your ranged dps or healer baiting out the blade surges at the door entrance to the arena to have all the images in one place
-Use personal defensive cooldowns and healing cooldowns during Slicing Maelstrom as this ability will start hurting later on
-Avoid getting hit by the lines from Pericing Gale
-Avoid getting hit by the enveloping Winds tornadoes (classes with  immunities can clear these tornadoes out if the place gets too crowded) the stun debuff can also be dispelled by healers.
-The bleed left by Blade Surge can be avoided if you use abilities like Blink at the right time

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