Welcome to PewPewShop’s Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering Dathea in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

This is a very simple fight that revolves around one important mechanic. We recommend splitting your raid into two groups for the platforms. this will make dealing with the adds easier especially on Heroic.

Main Platform

Raging Burst; The boss will spawn tornadoes around the platform getting hit by the tornado will cause moderate damage and knock players upwards.

Crosswinds when the boss casts this ability it will move the Raging Burst tornadoes to a random location. During the cast watch out for the arrows coming out of the tornadoes they are your indicator on where they are going and how to avoid them.

Conductive Mark will mark a couple of players debuffing them for 15 seconds, the debuff will do a ramping ticking damage. Coming into contact with another player will spread the debuff to them and refresh the current one’s duration. Avoid spreading this at all costs.

Cyclone the boss will pull all the players towards her while dealing raid wide AoE damage, players who get pulled all the way will be knocked upwards.

Add Platforms

At 100 Energy the boss will start to cast Coalescing Storm and will summon Volatile Infusers.

Voltaile Infusers cast Blowback and will cause all players to be knocked away from the add.

Your pre assigned group needs to go for the add, use the knock back to get into the other Platform, kill the Volatile Infuser and the adds there and use Blowback knockback once more to get back to the main platform.

On Heroic difficulty more adds will spawn on the platforms that needs to be interrupted and killed.

The Thundercallers adds will inflict players with a debuff that lasts for about 1.2 minutes that increased the damage they take stackingly, so for the next add phase your second split group needs to cross-over.

And you rinse and repeat till fight is over.

And that should be it for Dathea, Good luck!

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