Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle Boss guide and tactics for the new Shadowland Raid, if you are looking for a quick clear, check out our Raid boosting services
Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid of Shadowlands, featuring eleven new bosses and the final one being Zooval the Jailer. In this guide the PewPewShop team will highlight all the important boss abilities and tactics to quickly guide you through each fight.



Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle is the fourth boss of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.

  • Defeating Dausegne unlocks the Prototype Pantheon, which then unlocks Lihuvim when defeated.

Overview: Dausegne spends mana to cast spells. Upon reaching 0 mana, she will drain energy from a Reservoir of the First Ones to shield herself and dominate the reservoir by channeling [Inevitable Dominion].
Dominated reservoirs empower Dausegne’s casts of [Disintegration Halo], spawning one Halo for every reservoir that has been dominated.
If all reservoirs have been Dominated when Dausegne runs out of mana, she will cast [Total Dominion].

Throughout the fight: 

  • At the start of the fight and after every Inevitable Dominion a Disintegration Halo will start expanding from one of the 4 reservoir’s around the arena make sure to dodge that, there will be 4 Halos by the end of the fight in total, getting hit by one of the Halos will result in taking some moderate damage and a debuff that increases the damage taken from further rings.
  • Manage and kill the adds that spawn Dominion Core add constantly spawn, they need to be cleaved and kept interrupted
  • Random players will occasionally be targeted by Staggering Barrage,  you will need to help the marked player split the damage by standing in between the marked player and the boss. On Heroic Difficulty Staggering Barrage hits leave a debuff that increases the damage taken from Staggering Barrage by 500%, so never soak two orbs or simply use immunities while soaking.
  • Dodge Encroaching Dominion a swirly ground ability that targets random player and leaves a pool on the floor
  • Dodge Obliteration Arc a Frontal cone ability that the boss uses
  • Upon reaching 0 mana Dausegne will shield herself and begin casting Inevitable Dominion, Inevitable Dominion does heavy raid wide AoE damage during its cast and upon finishing will kill the entire raid, make sure to have some damage and healing CDs up to break through the shield and interrupt the channel


And that is all you need to know to take down Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle on Normal and Heroic Difficulty.

Stay tuned for more guides!


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