Festergut stands as one of the formidable bosses within the Plagueworks wing of Icecrown Citadel. Often humorously dubbed “Patchwerk 3.3” due to its DPS-centric challenge, this encounter assesses the raid’s capacity to navigate an array of mechanics while sustaining substantial damage output.


Gas Spore: Unleashes a Gas Spore, afflicting random targets with a gaseous spore that detonates after 12 seconds, dealing damage to nearby allies. The Gas Spore’s damage bolsters the target’s immunity against the blight, accumulating up to 3 times.

Gaseous Blight: A pestilence that inflicts Shadow damage to all nearby players, its intensity varying according to the number of Festergut’s inhalations.

Inhale Blight: Inhales the Gaseous Blight within the room, augmenting Festergut’s damage output and attack speed.

Pungent Blight: Unleashes the Gaseous Blight, administering substantial Shadow damage to all enemy players.

Vile Gas: Initiates a plague in a designated area, inflicting damage over time. Infected targets experience uncontrollable vomiting, causing harm to nearby comrades. Melee players remain unaffected if an adequate number of ranged players is present.

Gastric Bloat: Administers Nature damage to the target, concurrently elevating their damage output. If it accumulates 10 stacks, Gastric Explosion is triggered, resulting in the player’s demise and causing Shadow damage to nearby players.

Gastric Explosion: Instantly terminates the affected player and induces Shadow damage to those in close proximity.


General: The encounter predominantly revolves around a DPS race. Festergut harbors a brief enrage timer, necessitating sustained, high damage throughout the fight.

The raid should be segregated into a ranged group and a melee group. The ranged group should uphold some distance between one another to avert the dissemination of Vile Gas, whereas the melee group should cluster near the boss.

Positioning: Tank Festergut at his initial position. The melee group should station themselves slightly behind the boss, while the ranged group should fan out across the chamber, preserving a minimum of 7 yards of separation from each other.

During the Gas Spore phase, players should converge near the spore to acquire the Inoculation buff, mitigating damage from Pungent Blight.

Gas Spore Management: Festergut targets random players with Gas Spore. Those affected should relocate to a predefined location, allowing other raid members to congregate nearby and benefit from the Inoculation buff.

Players should aim to amass 3 stacks of Inoculation before Festergut unleashes Pungent Blight to reduce the impending damage.

Gastric Bloat: Players afflicted by Gastric Bloat should be vigilantly monitored. Should the debuff reach 10 stacks, it triggers Gastric Explosion, terminating the player and inflicting damage upon nearby allies. Healers should accord priority to these players, and tanks should be ready to switch if necessary.


Given the DPS-centric nature of the encounter, deploy damage-boosting cooldowns strategically to optimize damage output.

Healers should brace for substantial raid-wide damage during the Pungent Blight phase.

Ranged players should exercise attentiveness and steer clear of clustering to avert the spread of Vile Gas.

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