Here are the different bonuses from ranking up:

  • Rank 1: Enemy Item Drop Chance. Enemies have a 35% chance of dropping twice as many items;
  • Rank 2: Upgraded Rune of Ascendance. 45% chance for Runes of Ascendance to be preserved when used on an item that requires at least Circle of Fortune Rank 1;
  • Rank 3: Extra Idol Drop Chance. Whenever an Idol drops, there is a 25% chance for two more to drop at the same time;
  • Rank 4: Exalted Affix Chance. Affixes are 50% more likely to be Exalted;
  • Rank 5: Monolith Echo Reward Upgrade. 35% chance for double rewards from Monolith Echoes;
  • Rank 6: Legendary Potential Chance. Uniques are twice as likely to have Legendary Potential;
  • Rank 7: T7 Affix Chance. T7 Affixes are twice as common;
  • Rank 8: Rare to Exalted Chance. Items that would drop as Rare above Level 44 have a 25% chance of becoming Exalted;
  • Rank 9: Full Set Drop Chance. When a Set item would drop, the whole set drops instead;
  • Rank 10: Prophecy Reward Upgrade. Items from Prophecies are duplicated.

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