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Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid of Shadowlands, featuring eleven new bosses and the final one being Zooval the Jailer. In this guide the PewPewShop team will highlight all the important boss abilities and tactics to quickly guide you through each fight.



Halondrus the Reclaimer is the seventh boss of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.

  • When both Lihuvim and Halondrus are defeated, Anduin Wrynn is unlocked.

Overview: Halondrus creates [Seismic Tremors] that release motes of ephemera. If any motes reach Halondrus, an [Ephemeral Eruption] occurs. At 100 energy Halondrus casts [Reclaim] and pulls in motes with increasing force.
Upon reaching 84% and 50% health remaining Halondrus descends further into the Shimmering Cliffs to discover a new location brimming with ephemera.

Phase One: 

  • Seismic Tremors will occasionally be cast at the sides of the room doing damage to anyone caught in the blast zone and summoning multiple Ephemeral Mote
  • Ephemeral Mote will explode upon coming into contact with a player doing raid wide damage, avoid letting the Motes reach the boss
  • On Heroic Difficulty Ephemeral Mote will have Fractal Shield the shield can only be broken by Lightshatter Beam A tank frontal ability that needs to be aimed at the Motes this is also your tank swap mechanic
  • Several players will be targeted by Crushing Prism, deals a ticking damage and can be dispelled,on Heroic Difficulty upon being dispelled a shattered prism will stay on the floor slowing any players and Motes caught in its radius (Make sure to dispel the players affected near the motes)
  • Spread for Earthbreaker Missiles which causes players to explode in a 6 yard radius and also leaves an aftershock that explodes too
  • Dodge the Planetcracker Beam
  • Reclaim: Shields the boss and does raid wide damage, pulls in all players and motes the damage amps up as the ability lasts

Phase Two:

  • You will now follow the boss to the next room, and have to deal with ticking raid wide damage every time the boss takes a step.
  • The boss with Shatter multiple spheres during its path, the spheres will detonate doing lethal damage to players caught in the 15 yard radius and knocking back all players.

Phase Three: 

  • The boss will go into Eternity overdrive doing raid wide AoE damage that grows in intensity every 10 seconds, and will also pull in all Motes, we recommend using bloodlust during this phase and try to nuke the boss.

And that is all you need to know to take down Halondrus Guardian on Normal and Heroic Difficulty.

Stay tuned for more guides!


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