Welcome to PewPewShop’s Vault of the incarnates boss guides!

In this guide we will be covering Kurog Grimtotem in the Vault of Incarnates raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty.

This is a sectioned two phase fight. [Note] The fight might change slightely depening on which Altar your raid decides to start with. The Boss should always be tanked near the walls to reduce the distance of the tank knockback. Avoid moving the boss into the middle or you’ll take a heavy amount of raid wide damage.

Phase One:

Sundering Strike [Tank Mechanic] The boss will cast this on his current active tank which deals heavy damage in a frontal cone, knocking the tank back and applying a heavy DoT. Tanks need to face the boss away from the raid and swap after each Sundering Strike.
Flame Dominance Frost Dominance Earth Dominance and Storm Dominance  will all cause the group to take a ramping damage every 4 seconds that increases by 10% as long as the boss stays on the same Altar. We recommend moving the boss to a new altar at around 50 Energy.

Primal Shift [Heroic] When the boss moves to a different alter he will trigger Primal Shift which deals a moderate amount of raid wide damage and applies Primal Break which increases the damage taken from Primal Shift by 300%. This means you can only cross between altars once the debuff ends.

Altar of Flame;

Magma Burst will target a couple of players dealing some damage and spawning a Lava Pool, make sure they are placed nicely and avoid overlapping them.

Searing Carnage will target a couple of players and will then spawn swirlies at their location for 5 seconds, keep moving and avoid standing in the swirlies.

Molten Rupture [Heroic] Causes lines of lava to travel to random players and needs to be dodged.

Altar of Frost:

Absolute Zero The targeted player will take a big chunk of damage that is split amongst all the players soaking. On Heroic Absolute Zero will also debuff players causing a second application of this ability stun you. You need to make two soak groups for Absolute Zero on Heroic.

Frigid Torrent [Heroic] The boss will send waves of frozen orbs that will knock back and deal heavy damage to anyone hit, try to avoid them.

Altar of Earth

Erupting Bedrock The boss will cast a big ring of earthquake that starts from his center and expands forward. First one will always be on the boss so melee need to get out, the ring expands afterwards giving everyone time to move in and dodge the followups.

Seismic Rupture will cause swilries to appear and after a brief delay adds will spawn that needs to be collected by the tank and cleaved down as soon as possible.

Enveloping Earth [Heroic] Couple of players will get the Enveloping Earth debuff causing the next amount of healing they recieved to be absorbed, healers make sure to spot heal any player affected.

Altar of Storm:

Shocking Burst will cause couple of players to explode after 5 seconds doing damage to everyone around them. Make sure to move out of the way and don’t hit your allies.

Thunder Strike will mark a couple of locations on the floor that needsto be soaked. If you miss a soak the entire raid will take a heavy raid wide AoE damage. Make sure all circles are soaked.

Lightning Crash will be applied to a couple of players and it will bounce to a random nearby target in an 8 yard radius. Avoid bouncing this debuff with players who have the debuff. Your raid leader should assign players to bounce the debuff.

Phase Two:

Once the boss reaches 100 Energy [50 from each altar] He will go to the middle of the platform, become immune to damage and spawn Two adds depending on which Altars he got the energy from. The boss will also pulse raid wide AoE damage that ramps up giving you a time limit on how long you need to kill the adds. Once you kill the two adds Phase One starts again and you should go for a two different altars than you started on because the ramping damage from the Altars doesn’t deplete.

Blazing Fiend – Altar of Fire

Blistering Presence; Each add will do a ramping raid wide AoE damage

Magma Flow Lava pools will spawn at the location of random players that does damge if you stand on it. The Lava pools will also spawn adds on Heroic difficulty. The fire adds will start casting at random players and need to be interrupted.

Frozen Destroyer – Altar of Frost

Chilling Presence; Each add will do a ramping raid wide AoE damage

Frost Binds  The Frozen Destroyer will start casting Frost Binds that does heavy raid wide AoE damag and it needs to interrupted

Freezing Tempest Is a raid wide AoE damage moving closer to the add will cause you to take less damage from this ability. Make sure your group is stacked around 10 yards of the add and have your healers use cooldowns.

Tectonic Crusher – Altar of Earth

Shattering Presence; Each add will do a ramping raid wide AoE damage

Breaking Gravel [Tank Mechanic] Each melee attack from the add to the same target increases the damage by 3% and stacks up, your tank should swap when this ability ramps up. Consult with your raid leader for your optimal setup.

Ground Shatter will go on a couple of players and mark them with a big circle, move to a safe location and avoid hitting other players with it.

Violent Upheaval will cause random swirlies to spawn doing damage and knocking back anyone hit, simply avoid the swirlies.

Thundering Ravager – Altar of Storm

Thundering Presence; Each add will do a ramping raid wide AoE damage

Storm Break will cause the add to teleport behind a random player and start channeling Lethal Current  to that player inflicting damage to the player and everyone around them. Players targeted should quickly move away to avoid killing other raid members.

[Note] Once all four adds are killed the boss will now have access to all his altar abilities becomes empowered doing raid wide damage until he is killed.

And thats all you need to know to master all the elements and defeat Kurog Grimtotem!

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