Lady Deathwhisper, the formidable adversary and the second boss of the Icecrown Citadel raid, assumes the role of the Supreme Overseer of the Cult of the Damned. Engaging her is a complex challenge that demands both high DPS and a vigilant approach from every member of the raid.


Both Phases:

  • Death and Decay: Inflicts 4,500 Shadow damage every second to all targets within the affected area for 10 seconds. Notably, Lady Deathwhisper’s version appears in a distinctive green hue, allowing it to be distinguished from a friendly player’s D&D.
  • Dominate Mind: Exerts control over the will of a target enemy, charming them for 20 seconds. The charmed target experiences a 200% increase in damage dealt and a 500% boost in healing done. This targets three players in 25-man heroic difficulty.

Phase One:

  • Animate Dead: Reanimates a Cult Adherent or a Cult Fanatic.
  • Dark Empowerment: Enhances the Cult Adherent’s spells, rendering them capable of causing area damage and becoming uninterruptible.
  • Dark Transformation: Morphs a random Cult Fanatic into an undead behemoth, doubling their damage output.
  • Mana Barrier: Deploys a barrier that restores lost health at the caster’s mana expense.
  • Shadow Bolt: Projects a shadowy bolt at the enemy, resulting in 11,813 to 13,187 Shadow damage.

Phase Two:

  • Frostbolt: Administers 50,700 to 53,300 Frost damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
  • Frostbolt Volley: Deals 14,400 to 17,600 Frost damage to nearby foes, diminishing their movement speed for 4 seconds.
  • Summon Vengeful Shade: Conjures an unassailable Vengeful Shade that pursues a player for a brief duration, unleashing Vengeful Blast upon catching them.
  • Touch of Insignificance: Lowers the target’s threat generation by 20%, stacking up to five times and lasting for 30 seconds.


Phase One: This phase revolves around managing adds and depleting Lady Deathwhisper’s mana shield. All damage she sustains is deducted from her mana, and the phase concludes when her mana reaches zero. No tanking is required during this phase, and she will cast Shadow Bolt, Death and Decay, and Dominate Mind on random raid members. Adds will spawn every 60 seconds, with 3 adds appearing alternatively from the left and right gates in 10-player mode, or 3 adds on each side in 25-player mode, accompanied by a seventh random add spawning on the stairs. Living adds can explode at unpredictable times, causing AoE damage and transforming them into reanimated versions. Reanimated Fanatics are impervious to physical damage, while Reanimated Adherents are resistant to magical damage. Adherents are caster mobs that frequently employ Deathchill Bolt, place a cooldown-increasing curse on random players, and occasionally shield themselves with a spell-reflect barrier. Fanatics have a high melee DPS output, deliver a vicious cleave, and double their damage output when empowered. They can also gain the Vampiric Might buff, heightening their damage and providing self-healing.

Phase Two: Initiated once her mana shield is depleted, Lady Deathwhisper needs to be tanked in this phase. She will cast Frostbolt, Frostbolt Volley, and occasionally summon Vengeful Shades. The raid should remain aware of the Touch of Insignificance debuff and adjust tanking as necessary.


  • The encounter requires two tanks (though three in 25-player mode is optional), and it is not particularly demanding in terms of healing.
  • The raid should assemble within range of the boss at the room’s center.
  • During Phase 1, ranged DPS should prioritize the swift and efficient elimination of adds.
  • Swiftly moving out of Death and Decay is crucial to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Phase 1 should not exceed a 7-minute duration to ensure ample time to defeat Lady Deathwhisper before the enrage timer takes effect.

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