PewPewShop’s Comprehensive Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide


Welcome, adventurers of Eterra, to PewPewShop’s ultimate guide on gold farming in Last Epoch. In the dynamic timelines of Last Epoch, gold is the currency of power and progression. Our guide unveils the significance of gold and provides the roadmap to financial mastery in this realm.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Eterra’s challenges, mastering gold farming is essential for survival and dominance. Our guide transcends levels and classes, offering strategies to amass wealth at every stage of your journey.

Before we proceed:

Before delving into gold farming methods, it’s essential to know that at PewPewShop, you can purchase Last Epoch gold farming services. Our professional gamers will farm gold on your behalf, ensuring swift and efficient acquisition of the currency. It’s the fastest way to bolster your gold reserves, allowing you to focus on gameplay without the grind.

How To Farm Gold in Last Epoch – All Methods Explained:

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Exalted Items Are the Best: Focus on acquiring items with tier six or seven rolls, dual exalted affixes, and valuable stats. Utilize the auction house for trial and error to identify valuable items for profitable sales.

Forging Potential Sells!: Monitor an item’s forging potential, a critical factor influencing market value. Prioritize items with high forging potential for increased profitability.

Monolith Farming: Target areas with unique boss drops in monoliths for potentially rare and valuable loot. Develop strategic routes to maximize loot acquisition during monolith farming.

Blood, Frost & Death Farming: Concentrate efforts on bosses dropping coveted items like Frostwhite Talons and Last Steps of the Living for lucrative sales.

Stolen Lance Farming: Explore Stolen Lance for valuable boss drops, including unique wands, catalysts, and staffs with high resale value.

Rain of Dragons Farming: Focus on obtaining potent blessings and desirable items like Twisted Heart and Clever Solution for increased profit potential.

Temporal Sanctum Farming: Engage in Temporal Sanctum for challenging encounters and rare drops, such as the Vessel of Strife.

Vault Dungeon Mechanic: Delve into the mechanics of the vault dungeon to uncover valuable treasures and items, enhancing your overall wealth.

Arena Keys: Participate in activities that yield arena keys, then sell them for gold as part of a profitable strategy.

Highest Corruption Farming: Assess your capabilities and comfort level with higher corruption levels, prioritizing farming at those levels for increased gold rewards.

Lightless Arbor Strategy: Exercise caution when entering the Lightless Arbor, ensuring you have sufficient gold reserves to cover potential expenses.


In Last Epoch, gold farming is more than acquiring currency; it’s about strategic decision-making and maximizing efficiency. Through our guide, you’ve gained insights into diverse methods to amass wealth. Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate Last Epoch’s economic landscape with confidence, enhancing both your gameplay experience and financial standing.


  • What Is the Easiest Way to Make Gold in Last Epoch? Engaging in Arena activities and selling arena keys can yield decent amounts of gold. Additionally, focusing on Empowered Monoliths at a comfortable corruption level can provide a steady income.
  • How to Make Gold Fast in Last Epoch? Sell arena keys and participate in Empowered Monoliths for fast gold returns. Higher corruption levels offer greater gold rewards, making it essential to find the balance between difficulty and profitability.
  • How Do You Farm Gold in Last Epoch? Gold farming involves various methods, including targeted boss drops in Monoliths, exploring lucrative areas, and participating in challenging encounters. Engage in diverse activities to accumulate wealth strategically.
  • What Is the Currency in Last Epoch? Gold serves as the primary currency for transactions within the in-game economy, facilitating various transactions between players.

Join PewPewShop and embark on your journey to financial mastery in Last Epoch. Happy hunting!

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