How to defeat Lihuvim, Principal Architect in the newest Shadowlands raid, or if you’re looking for a quick clear, book a boost from our website!
Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid of Shadowlands, featuring eleven new bosses and the final one being Zooval the Jailer. In this guide the PewPewShop team will highlight all the important boss abilities and tactics to quickly guide you through each fight.



Lihuvim, Principal Architect is the sixth boss of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid

  • When both Lihuvim and Halondrus are defeated, Anduin Wrynn is unlocked.

Overview: As combat unfolds, Lihuvim accumulates protoform energy. Upon reaching 100 energy, Lihuvim casts [Synthesize] which allows nearby protoform lattices to be destroyed. Any remaining lattices are transformed into Protoform Automa when the synthesis completes.

Phase One: Boss Fight

  • Players will be targeted by Manifest Mote make sure to drop them at a pre designated location to make it easier to manage, running into a Mote will cause it to explode and leave a permanent pool on the floor, avoid triggering them.
  • One tank and a random player will be targeted by Deconstructing Blast players targeted by this ability can go stand near the Manifest Motes to clear them.
  • The boss will constantly use Cosmic Shift a raid wide damaging abilities that knocks players back, avoid getting knocked back into any Motes.
  • Tanks should face the boss away from the raid to avoid hitting them with Protoform Cascade, additionally on heroic tanks will have to deal with Resonance, both Kinetic and Sundering, avoid getting hit by the same ability twice, this is your tank swap mechanic, this will also cause a 12 Yard explosion on the tanks, so they should stay loosely spread.
  • Kill the big adds and run to the shield during Expose Core
  • Use the Orbs that drop from the big adds on the boss

When the boss reaches 100 Energy, the add phase will start, there are 3 Adds on Normal and 4 on heroic.

Phase Two: Add Management

  • The boss will start channeling Synthesize for 30 seconds, during the first 15 seconds the adds around the platform are attackable and you should aim to kill at least one of them before they come to life. Based on your groups dps you can split the raid to potentially kill 2 before they spawn!
  • Failing to kill an add in time before they spawn will cause it to heal to FULL so plan accordingly.
  • For add priority you want to kill, Acquisitions Automa > Guardian Automa > Defense Matrix Automa (Heroic only) > Degeneration Automa
  • Acquisitions Automa casts instability which is a raid wide damaging ability that increases in potency every time it damages, it will also cast detonate upon dying dealing heavy raid wide damage and knocking players back. We recommend killing this one before it spawns and always first.
  • Guardian Automa Casts Form Sentry Automa which fires at random targets for moderate damage, players targeted by the sentries should be spot healed
  • Defense Matrix Automa (Heroic Only) will cast Ephemeral Barrier a big shield that stays for 30 seconds and reduces the damage all the other Automas take by 50%
  • Degeneration Automa: Will summon multiple adds that will cast Degenerate on random players, easiest to deal with and can be grouped and crowd controlled until they die

And that is all you need to know to take down Lihuvim, Principal Architect on Normal and Heroic Difficulty.

Stay tuned for more guides!


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