Crafted from the remains of countless fallen adventurers, Lord Marrowgar stands as the Lich King’s initial line of defense within Icecrown Citadel, serving as the formidable protector of the Frozen Throne. Wielding the imposing axe, Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter, he harnesses the throne’s chilling power.


Bone Storm: Marrowgar executes a relentless whirlwind of bone, inflicting area damage on nearby enemies. The damage decreases as you move further from the boss. Expect around 6,000 damage right on top of him, 4,000 just inside his hitbox, 2,000 just outside, and roughly 800 at a distance of about 30 yards. The Bone Storm targets four players before ending, with a 30-second cooldown.

Bone Spike Graveyard: This ability involves launching a massive bone spike that impales any foes in its path. The impaled target takes 10% of their health as damage per second for 5 minutes or until the spike is destroyed. Casting this ability takes 3 seconds, and it has a 10-second cooldown.

Coldflame: Lord Marrowgar summons a line of frost, damaging any players in its path. It is an instant cast, covers an 8-yard line of effect, and deals 6,000 Frost damage per second for 3 seconds, targeting players randomly.

Bone Slice: This ability causes Lord Marrowgar to deal 200% of his normal melee damage to an enemy and its nearest ally, replacing his regular melee attack. He uses this ability every second but not during the Bone Spike Graveyard cast. This prevents the targets from being selected for Bone Spike Graveyard. If no one is nearby the primary target, that target will bear the full brunt of Bone Slice.

Enrage: After 10 minutes, Marrowgar enters an enraged state, increasing his damage output by 500%, attack speed by 150%, and rendering him immune to taunt.


Tanking: Tanks should stand closely together to share the damage from Bone Slice. If tank numbers are limited, consider placing a plate DPS player in front of the boss to assist with soaking Bone Slice damage. In a 10-man setup, it’s possible to have a single tank for Marrowgar if they are well-geared. The key to the fight is efficiently transitioning between Bone Storms and the Bone Graveyard phase, with a 10-second window after the Bone Storm before Lord Marrowgar resumes casting Bone Slice.

DPS: Designate a dedicated ‘spike team’ composed of selected DPS members who will promptly eliminate the Bone Spike Graveyard as soon as it impales a player. Ranged DPS or nearby melee players should act swiftly to free those impaled by Bone Spike Graveyard. When dealing with Coldflame, be aware that it moves linearly, allowing melee players to sidestep and ranged players to evade it entirely.

Healing: Throughout the Bone Storms, every raid member sustains damage. Those who fail to reposition during Bone Storm will endure full Bone Storm damage along with Cold Fire damage from up to four separate Cold Fire effects, potentially resulting in their demise.


  • During the Bone Storm phase, focus on evading Coldflame and minimize movement to conserve health. Bone Storm damage can typically be healed through.
  • To avoid Bone Spikes and Cold Flames, it’s advisable for the entire raid (excluding the tanks) to gather into a single group behind Lord Marrowgar within the red circle that appears on the ground when he targets players. This strategy ensures rapid rescue from Bone Spikes and, if positioned correctly, can cause any Cold Flames targeting players to miss.

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