We give you a simple guide on how to get armoring to level 200 in an easy pattern, if you like to skip that you can order a leveling boost from us today!


Armoring is a Crafting Trade Skill in New World. Armoring allows for the crafting of Armor equipped in the head, chest, hands, legs and feet slots. Armorers can also craft Storage Bags to increase the player’s inventory space. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master.

Armoring is one of the more unique trade skills as it can be leveled through both the forge and the outfitting station and it uses a bunch of different materials.

This trade skills requires a plethora of materials so you should try to focus on the one you are farming the most


Like we mentioned before, Armoring requires a lot of material and so many different ones, we recommend choosing one of the types you focus on farming the most, we will show you the most simple crafts to get to level 200 and you can pick and choose which type you want to focus on.

Level 1-50

You can choose which one to craft depending on materials your options are

27x Linen Dress or Shirt 

  • 594 Linen
  • 324 Coarse Leather
  • 27 Iron Ingot

27x Rough Leather Coat 

  • 324 Linen
  • 594 Coarse Leather
  • 27 Iron Ingot

52  Iron Plate Greaves

  • 104 Linen
  • 312 Coarse Leather
  • 520 Iron Ingot


Level 50-100

You can choose which one to craft depending on materials your options are

320x Rugged Leather Gloves

  • 1280 Linen
  • 1280 Rugged Leather
  • 320 Iron Ingot

320x Steel Plate Gauntlets

  • 320 Linen
  • 1280 Coarse Leather
  • 1280 Steel Ingot

320x Sateen Gloves

  • 1280 Sateen
  • 1280 Coarse Leather
  • 320 Iron Ingot

Level 100-200

You can choose which one to craft depending on materials your options are

4248x Rough Leather Coat

  • 50976 Linen
  • 93456 Coarse Leather
  • 4248 Iron Ingot

8260x Iron Plate Greaves

  • 16520 Linen
  • 49560 Coarse Leather
  • 82600 Iron Ingot

4248x Linen Dress or Shirt

  • 93456 Linen
  • 50976 Coarse Leather
  • 4248 Iron Ingot


Armoring  is really grindy, expensive and time consuming this is but a one way to level it up as you go, feel free to mix and match any other methods to get to level 200 and good luck farming up all the materials needed to finish off this grind

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