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Furnishing is a Crafting Trade Skill in New World. Furnishing allows for the crafting of furniture and storage facilities for player Housing. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master. Trade Skills belonging to the Crafting category focus on creating a large variety of items ranging from Weapons and Consumables to ammunition and furniture.

At first look, You might think Furnishing seems like an unimportant skill that’s just to be used to create items for aesthetic purposes. However, that’s not the case at all. Furnishing has a lot of other important values making it more appealing to level up, mainly the Storage and Trophies. You’ll be able to craft more Storage spaces as you progress. And crafting trophies allow you to gain some beneficial buffs that will most definitely help you especially with leveling other trade skills in New World


As we mention in most of our Trade Skill Leveling Guides, we choose easy and simple crafts that are both easy to obtain and are not very expensive to create an efficient way to reach level 200, you should feel free to deviate from the guide and mix and match any other method to get to level 200!

Level 0-25

We are gonna craft some Warm Iron Sconce – Bright to level 25

47x  Warm Iron Sconce – Bright

  • 2820 Green Wood
  • 940 Iron Ore
  • 235 Oil

Level 25-50

We are gonna craft some Ash Wall Shelf to level 50

127x Ash Wall Shelf

  • 7620 Green Wood
  • 2540 Iron Ore
  • 254 Aged Wood
  • 51 Weak Solvent

Level 50-75

We are gonna be crafting Ash Armoire to reach level 75

192x Ash Armoire

  • 23040 Green Wood
  • 11520 Iron ore
  • 768 Aged Wood
  • 154 Weak Solvent

Level 75-100

To get to level 100, you need to craft 1238 Maple Stain

1142x Maple Stain

  • 12381 Weak Solvent
  • 4952 Oil

Level 100-125

To get to level 125, you need to craft 1142 Oak Stain

1142x Oak Stain

  • 11429 Weak Solvent
  • 4572 Oil

Level 125-150

To get to level 150, you need to craft 357 Robust Wind Chimes

357x Robust Wind Chimes

  • 21420 Wyrdwood
  • 35700 Aged Wood
  • 53240 Green Wood
  • 10710 Coarse Sandpaper
  • 7440 Iron Ore
  • 620 Sand Flux
  • 620 Fibers

Level 150-175

To get to level 175, you need to craft 609 Mahogany Stain

609x Mahogany Stain

  • 6096 Pure Solvent
  • 2438 Oil

Level 175-200

To get to level 200, you need to craft 794 Oval Cerulean Rug

794x Oval Cerulean Rug

  • 119100 Silk Thread
  • 635200 Fiber
  • 59550 Crossweave
  • 119100 Thick Hide
  • 635200 Rawhide
  • 59550 Tannin
  • 11910 Wirefiber


We know Furnishing doesn’t seem that good of a trade skill to focus on at a first glance, but getting a few trophies and storage early will make it easier to level up other New World Trade Skills

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