How to efficiently get 60 max level in Amazon’s new MMORPG New World, PewPewShop guide will show you the most efficient tips and tricks to reaching that goal, and if you want to skip all the wait, you can order a leveling boost!


Amazon’s new MMORPG New World has taken the gaming community by storm and has became really popular since its recent release, with players swarming the game and rushing to become the strongest, finding an efficient way to reach max level (60) is very important as it will allow you to start progressing your character in a way that matters.

In this guide we will go through the most efficient way to reach max level (60) as well as a few tips and tricks to progress your character as you level up.

As your level progresses you will also receive some rewards for reaching different milestones;

  • Level 5 – Second Weapon Slot Unlocked – Survivalist Quest (Unlocks the quest to get your camp)
  • Level 10 – Unlock Duels – First Bag Slot
  • Level 15 – Tier II Camp Upgrade – Third Consumable Slot
  • Level 20 – Unlock Ring Slot – Main Story Quest for obtaining the Azoth Staff
  • Level 25 – Tier III Camp Upgrade – Fourth Consumable Slot
  • Level 30 – Second Bag Slot – More Main Story Quest to upgrade the Azoth Staff
  • Level 35 – Unlock ability to buy a second house
  • Level 40 –  Unlock Earring Slot – More Main Story Quest to upgrade the Azoth Staff – Tier IV Camp Upgrade
  • Level 45 – Third Bag Slot
  • Level 50 –  Unlock the ability to participate in Invasions
  • Level 55 – Unlock the ability to buy a third house – Tier V Camp Upgrade
  • Level 60 – Unlock the ability to participate in Outpost Rush

Of course New World is another MMORPG game and should be played whatever way you feel fit, and try to have fun with it. But if you are looking for efficiency to get to max level, here are some general rules and guide lines you might want to follow


Level 1-5

  • Follow the Main Storyline / Tutorial on the beach
  • You can skip the tutorial part but if you’re looking to net some extra weapon mastery you can do so in the tutorial
  • Make sure to complete all the quests on the beach before heading into a settlement
  • Don’t get distracted by looting excess items or randomly killing mobs, stick to the main story questline!
  • Grab any flint and wood you find on your way
  • If you follow this you will end up exactly where you need to go and level 5!

Level 5-9

  • Once you make your way into a settlement head over to a campfire and use the materials we gathered earlier (Wood/flint) and craft
  • We are gonna need approximately 40 stone, 40 green wood and 16 rawhide for some upcoming quest, so get them as you go
  • There will be a lot of side quests, feel free to pick them and finish them as you go (do not prioritize them) if there are a lot of other players around it might not be worth it.
  • Follow the green maker on your map, finish the introduction quests and all its follow up quests until you unlock your camp and PvP.
  • You can opt in to turn PvP on and you will be rewarded with more experience, but it is always risky.
  • Finish up the quests and get your faction quest done  to unlock faction missions.

Level 9-18

  • Now head to Windsward and pick up all the available quests there including faction and town board missions
  • Once you hit level 12 make your way Yonas (the old man by the river) to start the main story questline
  • Now you can start doing the main story line quests again but you should still accept all side quests, faction and town board quests
  • Again we don’t recommend going out of your way to do side quests etc, but if its not gonna delay you, go for it
  • Level up your harvesting skills as you go, trust me you’re going to need it for later quests, pick up ores and herbs as you go as well!
  • You are gonna need your harvesting skill at about 30 and Mining around 10 to be able to gather the needed materials for crafting
  • Once you reach the questline to craft the Azoth Staff and kept your harvesting skills up to date you should be able to gather the necessary materials to move on

Level 18-23

  • You should be around level 18 once you craft the Azoth Staff this next part is going to be a bit grindy
  • Mix and match PvP and PvE content to grind to level 23
  • Pick up any settlement quests, Faction missions, town board missions you name it~
  • Town Board Missions reset every 30 minutes, so keep an eye out
  • You are going to want to do these in Windsward so that you can unlock the side quests Towering Tools which leads into the quest Seeing Clearly. Seeing Clearly is an additional quest that you will be able to run while in the Amrine Expedition. If you already have this quest ready you’ll be able to save quite a bit of time and gain quite a bit more XP from you first run of Amrine. Expedition

Level 23-30

  • Once you reach level 23 you will be able to run Amrine Expedition
  • One of the best ways to grind to 30 is to repeatedly run Amrine Expedition that is if you have the Tuning Orbs for it of course
  • Keep doing Town board missions they reset every 30 minutes!
  • Run the repeatable quest, Bones for Barkimedes and then will be able to continue the main story line with the quest Destiny Unearthed.

Level 30-40

  • once you have turned in your main story quest Destiny Unearthed you will be given a quest to head to Brightwood
  • Continue doing the main story quest, mix it with some side quests, faction missions, town board missions
  • Once you hit level 33 you will unlock Starstone Barrows make sure to pick up More Bones for Barkimedes. quest that you can finish in Starstone Barrows
  • Keep pushing the main story quest as it should be your priority

Level 40-48

  • Once you reach level 40 head to restless shores and repeat the cycle! Side quests, Faction missions, town board missions you know the drill by now
  • You will want to make sure you pick up the side quest called Pirates will Pirate from Lyse Muller. Follow this side quest until completion because after a few steps it will eventually unlock the quest Archdeacon Azamela which is a quest for the next expedition, the Depths. You will also be awarded a tuning orb for the Depths once you reach that point.
  • Once you reach level 43 you will want to then make your way up to Mouningdale to continue with the main story quest.

Level 48-53

  • At level 48 it’s recommended that you head into Great Cleave and complete the quests at the Eastburn Outpost. These quests will lead into some quests that will reward you with some high gear score items once you hit level 60. You will want to complete all the quests in this area. If you do these now you will not have to backtrack once you are max level.
  • Continue doing the same old cycle, prioritize main story quest, grab all the side quests you can and continue doing so until you reach the quest for Dynasty Shipyard
  • If you are short of 53 you can grind elite mobs  Scorpius in Mouningdale or you can go to Northern Mourningdale to Hibbotsfield and run a loop killing the corrupted farmers there. They are not elite mobs but they are very easy and very quick to kill. By the time you clear the farm solo the mobs should begin to spawn back fairly soon after.

Level 53-60

  • You should have unlocked Dynasty Shipyard by now, you are going to be running that expedition as well as the same old cycle
  • Once you hit level 57 continue pushing the main story quest into the Shattered Mountain. Along with the main story quest pick up the quests in Mountainhome and run those along with the main quest. You will need a group for most areas in the Shattered Mountain.


Here are some general tips and tricks for leveling that we find very important and some people might not be aware of

  • Rested Experience – Whenever you are taking a break, or can’t play for some or other reason, make sure you are resting in a settlement, this way you will make sure you get the rested experience buff
  • Lore pages – Pick up the lore pages as you go through the game, they give a decent amount of experience especially at lower levels
  • Harvesting skill – Especially in the early levels, try to keep your harvesting skill at check, you want at least level 30 harvesting and 10 Mining
  • Main Story –  Prioritize the main story quest, always!
  • Faction Missions – The first 3 faction missions of the day give 200% bonus experience, don’t slack on those
  • Town Board Missions – Try to grab the town board missions whenever they reset, they are on a 30 Minute Reset window
  • Tag Enemies –  Even one hit on an enemy that another player is fighting is enough to give you full experience, so do that whenever you can
  • Travel Efficiently – As there are no mounts in New World, you want to make the best use of the fast travel system so you don’t waste a lot of time on travelling
  • PvP and Elite Zones – These are great ways to get some extra experience and weapon mastery


You should be around level 60 now and enjoying the end game content. Do keep in mind the game should be played anyway you see fit and you should prioritize having fun. The above guide is just a mean to efficiently get to max level while reducing unnecessary down time and should be only used as a guideline

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