If you are a healer or a support player the Life Staff is your main weapon choice, find out the best way to level it up quickly, or book a boost from us and have it done!


The Life Staff in New World is currently the only healing weapon, so if you would like to play a healer or a support this is your only option

The Life Staff mastery tree is split into two; Healing and Protector


This is a tree is mainly on healing, with strong single target and ground AoE heals

There are three active abilities;

  • Divine Embrace: Heal target for 150.0% weapon damage..
  • Sacred Ground: Create an area on the ground that lasts for 15s and heals 20.0% weapon damage every second.
  • Splash of Light: You and all group members within 100m are healed for 50.0% weapon damage.

The key passive in the Healing tree is Divine Blessing, this ability gives you 30% increased healing to allies who are below 50% HP


Protector is a more of your typical support / enchanter playstyle which focuses on buffing your allies, etc..

There are three active abilities;

  • Orb of Protection: Shoot out a light projectile that grants 10.0% Fortify for 20.0s, heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage, and deals 146.0% weapon damage when it hits an enemy. (Fortify reduces incoming damage.)
  • Beacon: Shoot out a light projectile that deals 146.0% weapon damage to enemies, attaches to it’s target and heals all nearby allies for 20.0% weapon damage each second for 10s.
  • Light’s Embrace: Targeted heal for 100.0% weapon damage +30.0% more for each buff on that target..

The key passive in the Protector tree is Magnify. The ability extends all your helpful buffs by two seconds on targets when you heal them with Light’s Embrace



Remember! This is a leveling focused build and since you are a healer /  support you either want to level up in a party or simply choose a strong secondary weapon that you can actually do damage with


Sacred Ground


  • Holy Ground – Regenerate Stamina and Mana 100% faster while in Sacred Ground
  • Blessed – .While allies are in Sacred Ground they are healed for 50% more from all healing

Orb of Protection


  • Protector’s Blessing – If Orb of Protection hits an ally, they gain recovery for 10 seconds.



  • Infused Light –  Beacons area of effect is now 50% larger.
  • Radiance’s Blessing – Beacon lasts 5 seconds longer.


As we already mentioned this is a healing / support weapon and it could be troublesome trying to level with it, we recommend you either level in a party or choose a strong secondary weapon to go with it. We also recommend socketing your secondary weapon with an Amber Gem this will allow your secondary weapon to gain some damage based on your Focus.

Its also worth noting that both Sacred Ground and Beacon persist through weapon swaps making it easier to heal yourself and keep fighting.



The Life Staff scales with Focus that means you will want all your points to go in the focus department, but not to worry Focus actually has some of the best leveling perks in the game



  • 100: +20 to mana pool
  • 150: +20% healing output
  • 250: +30 mana on any self or group kills


  • 50: All consumables are +20% stronger
  • 100: Increase max health by 10% of physical armor
  • 150: 10% reduction to critical damage taken
  • 200: +20% increase to armor

We recommend going for the 150 Focus as soon as possible to get the increased healing output, and the 50 constitution to reduce the amount of consumable you use

This sums up the guide and one of the most efficient ways to level up your Life Staff Weapon in New World.

If you enjoyed the guide stay tuned we post New World Guides and helpful Youtube videos.

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Or you can directly book a Life Staff  Weapon Mastery Boost


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