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Logging is a gathering Trade Skill in New World that allows players to gather different types of wood from various trees gathering skills that are needed for other trade skills like (Armorsmithing, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing. It is also used for stonecutting, smelting and other refining skills)

To get started on logging you are gonna need a flint logging axe. This requires Engineering level 0 along with 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood to craft it.

As your skills progress you can upgrade to a better pickaxe.


Here is a list of all the Trees based on type, and when you are able to cut them.
  • Tree/Young Tree: Logging level 0, Flint Logging Axe or better
  • Mature Tree: Logging level 50, Iron Logging Axe or better
  • Wyrdwood Tree: Logging level 100, Steel Logging Axe or better
  • Ironwood Tree: Logging level 175, Starmetal Logging Axe or better


Logging is probably one of if not the easiest trade skill to level, as the resources are abundant and you can pretty much find it anywhere.

Level 1-100

  • The best place to level up your logging skill from 1-100 will be near a settlement, as there will be a lot of trees to go around.
  • Focus on chopping down young trees to get from 1-50
  • Upgrade your Axe as soon as you can
  • Now that you can chop down mature trees you should do so till level 100, but keep chopping down trees on your way
  • Empty your bags, your bags will start getting full real quick so make sure you head back and empty them often

Level 100-175

  • Make sure your Axe is upgraded!
  • Make your way to Bearclaw Pass and chop down all the Wyrdwood Trees you find, don’t slack on Mature and Young Trees on your way
  • Get the Course Leather Bag to increase your bag capacity
  • Keep an eye on your Axe’s durability
  • Repeat until you are 175 Logging

Level 175-200

  • At this point the process gets kind of slow
  • Upgrade your Axe if you can
  • Try to prioritize chopping down Ironwood Trees
  • Keep an eye on your inventory
  • Keep an Eye on your Axe’s Durability



  • Lumberjack’s Discipline – A Logging perk that increases your Logging experience by [3-9.4]% based on the gear score value of the Logging Axe
  • Constitution 300 points – This will give you increased perks to Logging such as (Increased Logging speed %, decreased weight of Logged items, loot more from Trees..etc)
  • Logging Trophies – Gives different perks to your Logging (Requires Furnishing)
  • Food Buffs – Some food like “Roast Cabbage” will give you Logging perks
  • There are a few interactive maps that have sprung up online that can help you locate the various trees in New World, especially the rare ones


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