Apex Legends Account Leveling Boost


Amount of levels

x1 x5 x25 x50 x100

Apex Legends Account Leveling Boost

Product description

Apex Legends Account Leveling Boost


Apex Legend is one of the most popular, competitive, unique and free to play battle royale game out there and with free loot boxes and character locks gated behind levels, leveling up in Apex becomes very desirable 

We all know how tedious and slow Apex Legend leveling can be, especially if you play solo or are new to the game. So why waste time when you can let us do that for you instead?  With PewPewShop leveling boost you can jump straight into the action get all the levels, finish your battlepass and unlock all the rewards, buy new legends, get all the loot boxes unlock achievements and polish your stats . We offer a safe, fast and reliable level boosting experience with multiple different packages to suit your needs and ensure the smoothest transition to max level!

What will I get when I order this boost?

  • The desired amount of levels
  • Access to all the battle pass rewards
  • All the tokens farmed during the leveling process
  • All the achievements unlocked during the leveling process
  • Unlock legends as you level so you can have more
  • 100% guaranteed completion of service
  • 100% Legit, no cheats, bots or programs involved
  • Safe, reliable and safe leveling experience.

The packages/options:

  • Self-play: No one pilots your account
  • Appear Offline: All the boost is done in offline mode and we will not reply to any messages
  • Specific Legend: Choose specific legends to unlock as you go
  • Live Support: Always keep track of your order with our live chat support


      Original Apex Legends copy
      Account sharing if chosen

    • €8,00

      Amount of levels

      x1 x5 x25 x50 x100

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