Castle Nathria Heroic

€79,00 €99,00 -21% OFF

Castle Nathria Heroic

€79,00 €99,00 -21% OFF
Product description

Castle Nathria Fated heroic boosting service 

Castle Nathria heroic boost run is amazing way to gear up fast - run takes just around 2 hours and you able to add here up to 10+ loot traders with same armor type (if you want more - ask operator, we surely can manage 20+ traders in single run). Your run will start tonight !


  • 10/10 bosses in new Shadowlands raid – Castle Nathria Heroic mode with new items;
  • Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius achievement.
  • 🕑 Run takes 2-3 hours.
Loot options:
  • With Personal Loot Mode, all items will drop personally to you, so we can't guarantee the number of items.
  • With Add loot traders the specified number of players with your armor type will be added to trade all* weapons and gear they receive during the raid;
  • *The loot system doesn't allow to trade items with higher lvl than yours, so they will trade everything except that one.
  • 60 LvL Character;
  • Account Region: EU & US.
€79,00 €99,00 -21% OFF

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