Castle Nathria Mythic

€1.290,00 €1.990,00 -36% OFF

Castle Nathria Mythic

€1.290,00 €1.990,00 -36% OFF
Product description

Castle Nathria mythic boosting service

Buy Castle Mythic run and get 5+ items guaranteed with a full run! We have no requirements at all, you can join our raid even with naked character. Items guaranteed are guaranteed for real - if you will get less than 5 items in different slots , then we will take you next week to get missing items untill you will get at least 5! Of course, if your loot traders will get more than 5 items at all during the run - you will get all of them, so we don't stick with that number.

  • 10/10 bosses in new Shadowlands raid – Castle Nathria Heroic mode with 226 – 233 lvl items;
  • Feats of Strength (FoS) achievements: Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius, Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius.
Loot options:
  • We guarantee that you will get at least offered amount of items (up to 5+ slots in 10/10 run). We don't count the same slot items, so 2 wrists = 1 slot.
  • You will get from 1 up to 5+ items in different slots.
  • A guaranteed amount of items is just our guarantee of loot for you - if there will be more items that will be able to trade, we will trade more than that guaranteed amount.
  • If you get fewer items than we guaranteed we will invite you next ID for some bosses until you get a guaranteed amount of items.
  • *The loot system doesn't allow to trade items with higher lvl than yours, so they will trade everything except that one.
  • 60 LvL Character;
  • Account Region: EU & US.
€1.290,00 €1.990,00 -36% OFF

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