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The Jailer Boost run

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Zovaal, The Jailer Boost Run

Sepulcher of the First Ones is the new raid set to release with Patch 9.2 Eternity's End.

Sepulcher of the First Ones is an 11 boss raid and will be the last one in the Shadowlands Expansion and it is confirmed that we will fight The Jailer as the last boss as well as Anduin on the first week of release.

Zovaal, The Jailer is the last boss of the raid and will hold key achievement such as "Ahead of the Curve" that will allow you to join future raids and guilds easier once you obtain it

Ahead of the Curve is one of the most thought after raid achievements and the earlier you get it the easier time you'll have every week after.

Cutting Edge is the next achievement and it is one of the most reputable achievements you can get during a raid tier, only obtained with Mythic kill

There is no confirmed release date for 9.2 yet, but our team will be able to start boosting as soon as the raid is released!

What does the boost include?

  • Zovaal, The Jailer Kill: Our team will boost you through Zovaal, The Jailer guaranteed kill on your chosen difficulty
  • Personal Loot: You get to keep all the loot that drops for you
  • Higher iLvL item Rewards: The last bosses of the tier drop higher ilvl rewards!
  • Achievement: Ahead of the Curve: The Jailer achievement after killing the jailer on heroic mode
  • Customizable loot option: Different loot option and ViP traders to make sure you get the most loot
  • Safe & Reliable: We guarantee your accounts safety and we will take all the precautions to make sure of that
Loot options:
  • Personal Loot Mode: You get to keep all the items that personally drop for you, and we can not guarantee the amount of items or if other boosters can trade you extra loot.
  • With Add loot traders the specified number of players with your armor type will be added to trade all* weapons and gear they receive during the raid;
  • 60 LvL Character;
  • Account Region: EU & US.

Raid mode

Heroic Mythic

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