Within the murky depths of the Plagueworks wing in Icecrown Citadel, Professor Putricide reigns as the sinister genius responsible for birthing all manner of blight, plague, ooze, scourge, and nefarious means of delivering death. This challenging encounter necessitates a relentless onslaught of damage, precise footwork, and a razor-sharp awareness of a multitude of mechanics.


Ooze Flood: Gradually deals damage and hampers movement speed.

Slime Spray: Unleashes Nature-inflicted damage in a conical burst upon foes.

Mutated Infection: Imposes shadowy torment while reducing the capacity for received healing. When remedied, it gives rise to a diminutive ooze.

Sticky Ooze: Applies damage and ensnares movement.

Weak Radiating Ooze: Inflicts harm while fostering the amalgamation of oozes.

Radiating Ooze: Inflicts injury and propagates the merger of oozes.

Unstable Ooze: Bestows augmented damage output, accumulating up to ten times. Each instance of an ooze merger adds to the stacks.

Unstable Ooze Explosion: Administers substantial damage to adversaries.

Choking Gas Bomb: Dispenses bombs that unleash gradual damage and eventually explode.

Malleable Goo: Hurls a viscous projectile at a designated target, causing damage and decelerating attack and casting swiftness.

Mutated Plague: Metes out persistent damage over time, intensifying during Phase 3.

Unbound Plague: Confers escalating damage over time and can be transmitted to other players.

Ooze Variable: Targets players with an Ooze trait, rendering them susceptible to specific attacks.

Gas Variable: Targets players with a Gas trait, rendering them prone to particular assaults.


General: This encounter pivots around the adept management of Professor Putricide’s experiments while adroitly evading the assortment of hazards he engineers. A pair of tanks is essential, with one overseeing the Abomination during Phases 1 and 2. In 25-player mode, enlisting a third tank for Phase 3 is advisable.

Phase 1 (100% to 80%): Professor Putricide alternates between summoning a green Volatile Ooze and an orange Gas Cloud. These additional entities must be addressed and vanquished before the arrival of the subsequent one.

  • The Volatile Ooze selects a target and affixes them in place before advancing. The group must converge upon the afflicted individual to disperse the detonation damage.
  • The Gas Cloud pursues a selected player, attaching a pernicious debuff. The marked player must adroitly evade the cloud while the raid concentrates their fire upon it.

Phase 2 (80% to 35%): Putricide gains two further capabilities: Choking Gas Bomb and Malleable Goo.

  • Choking Gas Bombs materialize as flask-like entities that erupt once their countdown concludes, resulting in area damage. It is imperative for players to vacate the blast radius.
  • Malleable Goo is lobbed toward ranged targets, inflicting damage and hindering attack and casting speeds. Players should skillfully sidestep these attacks.

Phase 3 (35% to 0%): Add spawns cease, yet any lingering additions from prior phases endure. Putricide adopts a more ferocious approach, deploying all abilities from Phases 1 and 2 alongside the addition of the Mutated Plague. The raid must channel their focus into maximizing damage output while deftly navigating the intensified mechanics.


  • Rogues can resort to “Vanish,” and Mages can employ “Invisibility” to elude the effects of Tear Gas during phase transitions, allowing for an added surge in DPS.
  • Disciplined positioning holds the key, especially when contending with the Malleable Goo and Choking Gas Bomb mechanics.
  • Healers should stand prepared for substantial raid-wide damage, especially in the throes of Phase 3.

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