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Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid of Shadowlands, featuring eleven new bosses and the final one being Zooval the Jailer. In this guide the PewPewShop team will highlight all the important boss abilities and tactics to quickly guide you through each fight.



Prototype Pantheon is the fifth boss of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.

  • Defeating Dausegne unlocks the Prototype Pantheon, which then unlocks Lihuvim when defeated.

Overview: The Prototype of Duty and the Prototype of War assault players on the ground, using [Necrotic Ritual] and [Pinning Volley].
If a member of the Prototype Pantheon reaches 50% health remaining, they all retreat to the Progenitor Forge as [Reconstruction] begins, ushering other Prototype Pantheon members into the fight.
The Prototype of Absolution and the Prototype of Renewal then assault players on the ground, using [Withering Seeds] and [Hand of Destruction].
The Prototpye Pantheon then assaults players for a final showdown.

Phase One: War and Duty

  • Kill the adds spawned by Necrotic Ritual as fast as possible to get rid of the healing debuff and prevent the room from getting overrun by Necrosis (The green stuff on the floor)
  • Make sure to always have interrupts available for Gloom bolt
  • Several players will be targeted by Runecarver’s Deathtouch, they will need to be dispelled ONLY when they are inside the Kyrian shield bubble
  • Avoid getting hit by Pinning Volley, a swirly ground ability, getting hit by that will cause you to get stunned until freed by allied players.
  • The boss will occasionally cast Windswept Wings which deals moderate raid wide damage and pushes players away.
  • Tanks should taunt swap on Humbling Strikes
  • Try and keep the bosses stacked all the time
  • Try to get the bosses to 50% at the same time

Phase Two: Sin and Seed

  • Make sure to keep Anima Bolt interrupted
  • Multiple Withering Seeds will spawn, healers will need to heal those seeds to full HP before they die, if the Seeds are fully healed they will give the entire raid a healing buff that increases healing done by 25% for 30 seconds and stacks, letting the seeds die will pretty much wipe your raid.
  • Avoid getting hit by Wild Stampede, a stampede of random Soulshapes that travels in a line through the room, getting hit will result in moderate damage taken and also knocks the players back.
  • Run away from Hand of Destruction after getting pulled in to reduce the fall off damage.
  • Players will get Sinful Projection upon expiring it will release multiple waves from each player, make sure to avoid getting hit or hitting other players with that, players hit will take moderate damage will be stunned. Stay loosely spread to avoid hitting each other
  • Tanks need to face the boss away to prevent the raid from getting hit by the tank mechanic Wracking Pain
  • Try to get the bosses to 50% at the same time

Phase Three: Pantheon of Death

  • You will now have to deal with all the four bosses at the same time with no added mechanics
  • Make sure all the bosses die at the same time or they will heal to full
  • Best time to use Bloodlust and cleave all four bosses

And that is all you need to know to take down Prototype Pantheon on Normal and Heroic Difficulty.

Stay tuned for more guides!


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