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how much is beyond light destiny 2

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9/15/2022 8:20:59 AM
How Much Beyond Light Costs

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will cost $60/£50 on release. That’s the same as the price of the game’s last two expansions, Shadowkeep and Curse of Osiris.

If you want to get everything in Beyond Light, you’ll need to buy the $40/£35 Season Pass. This includes the expansion’s Annual Pass, which will grant you access to 12 months’ worth of seasonal content.

What’s in the Season Pass?

The Season Pass for Destiny 2: Beyond Light will entitle you to the following:

-The Beyond Light campaign

-The new Europalocation

-The new Exo Stranger character

-New weapons, gear, and stories

-One Season of exclusive seasonal content

-Access to the new seasonal content roadmap

-An additional returning Guardian subclass

You can also buy the expansion and the Season Pass separately. However, you will only get the content listed above if you buy the Season Pass.

Is Destiny 2: Beyond Light worth it?

Yes! Destiny 2: Beyond Light is an essential purchase for any Guardian. The new Europa location is one of the best locations in the game, and the new Exo Stranger character is a great addition to the game’s already rich lore.

Plus, the Season Pass will give you access to a whole year’s worth of content. If you’re a huge Destiny fan, then the Season Pass is definitely worth the price.