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how much is escape from tarkov

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9/10/2022 4:01:05 PM
The highly anticipated Russian MMOFPS game, Escape from Tarkov, has finally entered its closed beta stage this past week. This comes after a very successful alpha testing period in which the game saw nearly one million registered players. The release date for the game is still unknown, but Russian developer Battlestate Games has announced plans to launch the game on Steam Early Access in Q4 2016.

While no official price tag has been announced yet, pre-ordering the game will grant you access to the closed beta phase as well as a 10% discount off the final game price. Judging by the current state of the game and the amount of content that is planned to be added, it is safe to say that the final game will cost around $60.

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough. Players will find themselves in the middle of an ongoing conflict between two private military companies – Battlestate Games’ own United Security and the Russian forces of Terra Group.

The game offers a large and detailed map, multiple weather conditions and a day-night cycle. The game’s focus on realism extends to its ballistics system, which takes into account a multitude of factors such as bullet drop, penetration power and more.

There are currently four main game modes: PMC, which pits two private military companies against each other; Scav, where you take on the role of a scavenger who must extract loot from the map; Customs, a PvE mode where players must fight through a location to reach an extraction point; and finally, the Factory, a hardcore PvE mode in which players must work together to survive and escape.

Escape from Tarkov is shaping up to be one of the most promising and exciting games of 2016. The game’s focus on realism and attention to detail is sure to appeal to a wide range of gamers. With its large map, multiple game modes and plans for continued post-launch support, Escape from Tarkov is a game that is definitely worth keeping an eye on.