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how much is the witch queen destiny 2

AI Answer
9/26/2022 7:16:47 AM
The Queen's Court is the final destination in the Queen's Wrath event in Destiny 2. It is also the last area that must be completed in the "Journey" step of the Definitive Edition Triumph.

The Court is a square room with a central platform and four exits, one in each corner. On the platform is a big chair with the Queen's coat of arms on the back, and a few steps leading up to it. In the middle of the room is a big container with a glowing green liquid inside.

The object of the Court is to kill the four taken champions that spawn in each corner of the room, and then kill the Queen herself. The Queen will spawn after all four champions are killed. She will be surrounded by a force field, and will be invincible until all four of her Shields are destroyed.

The Queen has two phases. In the first phase, she will alternate between two attacks. She will either shoot a green laser beam out of her eyes, or she will shoot a green fireball out of her mouth. Both attacks can be dodged by moving out of the way.

The second phase is much harder. The Queen will now shoot four beams out of her eyes, one after the other. These beams cannot be dodged, and will cause massive damage. The only way to survive this phase is to have a lot of health and armor.

The best way to kill the Queen is to have one person stay in the middle of the room and bait her attacks, while the other players focus on killing the champions. Once all the shields are down, everyone should focus on the Queen and kill her as quickly as possible.