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how to add materia ffxiv

AI Answer
9/10/2022 4:38:15 PM
Adding materia in FFXIV is a process that can be done by players of all levels, and it is a great way to improve your character's stats and abilities. There are a few different ways to add materia, and the best method for you will depend on your materia needs and how many available slots you have.

One way to add materia is to buy it from the Market Board. You can search for the materia you want and buy it from other players who have put it up for sale. The prices for materia can vary depending on what materia it is and how rare it is, so be sure to check around before purchasing.

Another way to get materia is to create it yourself. If you have the appropriate crafting job, you can create materia by using the appropriate crafting materials. The level of the materia you can create will be determined by your crafting job level, so be sure to level up your crafting job if you want to be able to create higher level materia.

Once you have your materia, you will need to apply it to your gear. To do this, open up your Character window and go to the Gear tab. Find the piece of gear you want to apply the materia to and click on the slot that says "Materia." A list of all the materia you have will appear, and you can drag and drop the materia you want to apply onto the gear. Some gear may have a limit to the amount of materia that can be applied, so be sure to check before applying too much.

Applying materia will cause your gear to become Soulbound, so be sure you don't want to sell or trade the piece of gear before applying materia to it. You can remove materia from gear by using a Wilson's Wrench, which can be purchased from shops or crafted by players with the appropriate job.

Once you have your materia, it's time to start reaping the benefits! Materia will provide stat boosts and other benefits depending on the type of materia it is. Be sure to experiment and see what materia works best for your playstyle and needs.