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how to become a mentor ffxiv

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9/14/2022 6:42:55 PM
1. If you want to become a mentor in FFXIV, you first need to be at least rank 50. You also need to have completed the story quest "The Ultimate Weapon." Once you have these requirements, you can talk to the NPC named Elidibus in the Fields of Blood in South Shroud.

2. Elidibus will give you a quest called "Ascension." This quest will require you to defeat the final boss of the Heavensward expansion, Alexander. Once you have completed this quest, you will be a mentor!

3. As a mentor, you will be able to help other players with their quests and adventures. You can also join mentee parties, which are special groups for mentees only. These parties are led by mentors and help mentees complete difficult content.

4. If you want to join a mentee party, you can look for one in the Party Finder. In the Party Finder, go to the "Mentee" tab and look for a party that interests you. Once you find a party, you can request to join it.

5. If you want to help other players as a mentor, you can do so in many ways. You can join a mentee party and help them complete content. You can also offer advice and guidance in the game's many chat channels. You can also help new players by writing guides and tutorials on the game's official forums.
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9/14/2022 6:42:31 PM
Becoming a Mentor in FFXIV

There are two ways to become a Mentor in FFXIV: the in-game application process and the forums process.

In-game Application Process

Players must be at least Rank 50 to apply.
To apply, go to the Mentor player page, which can be found under Community in the main menu, and click on the "Apply to be a Mentor" button.

Fill out the application, which will ask for your name, email, birth date, gender, world, preferred language, time zone, and most importantly, why you want to be a Mentor.

Mentors are required to have at least two weeks of play time on their account, and must not have any major infractions on their record in the past 60 days. They must also agree to the Mentor Code of Conduct.

Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the moderators, who will look at the player's history and decide if they are a good fit for the program.

If the player is approved, they will be contacted by a representative from Mentor Management, who will give them further instructions on how to proceed.

Forums Process

Players must first create a forum account and post an introduction in the Newcomer section.

Once the player has made at least 50 posts, they can apply to become a Mentor by posting in the Mentor Application thread.

The application process is the same as the in-game process, and the player will be notified if they are accepted or not.

If the player is accepted, they will be given a Mentor badge to put on their forum signature, and will be asked to post a thread in the Mentor forum introducing themselves.

Mentors are required to check the Mentor forum regularly, and must be active in helping new players.