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how to cluster farm ffxiv

AI Answer
9/26/2022 7:18:44 AM
Clustering in FFXIV is the process of connecting multiple game servers together to create one large, cohesive world. This is done by connecting the servers to each other through the use of a software program called "Mumble" which allows players to communicate with each other through text and voice chat.

In order to cluster farm, players first need to have a robust internet connection and a Mumble server set up and configured. Once these two things are in place, players can begin connecting their game servers together. The process of connecting game servers together is known as "tethering" and is a fairly simple process.

Players will first need to log into their game server and open up the "cluster" command in their chat window. This will bring up a menu that will allow players to select which server they would like to connect to. Players will need to select the server that they wish to connect to and then select the "connect" option.

Once the player is connected to the server, they will be able to see all of the other players on that server as well as any players that are on the servers that are connected to it. To talk to another player, the player will need to select the "speak" option in the chat window and then type out what they would like to say.

Clustering is a great way for players to farm in FFXIV because it allows them to stay in constant communication with each other and also allows them to share resources and information. By being able to cluster farm, players will be able to utilize their time and resources more efficiently and will ultimately be able to farm more in less time.