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how to duel in lost ark

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9/26/2022 7:18:11 AM
If you're looking to add some excitement and challenge to your Lost Ark gameplay, look no further than duels! Here's everything you need to know about how to duel in Lost Ark.

Before you can start dueling other players, you'll need to reach level 30 and complete the "Duel Ready" quest from the Lost Ark community NPC in your capital city. Once you've done that, you'll be able to queue up for duels from the "Duel" menu in the game lobby.

There are two different types of duels in Lost Ark: 1-on-1 and 3-on-3. Both types follow the same basic rules, but the 3-on-3 variant adds an additional layer of strategy and coordination.

When you enter a duel, you'll be placed in an arena with your opponent (or opponents, in the case of 3-on-3). The objective is to either be the first to achieve 100 points, or have the most points when the timer runs out.

You earn points by damaging and killing your opponents. Each player starts with 100 health, and will respawn at their team's base if they are killed. The first team to reach 100 points or the team with the most points when the timer expires wins the match.

Duels are a great way to test your skills and strategies against other players, and can be a lot of fun. Whether you're looking for a casual 1-on-1 match or a more challenging 3-on-3 encounter, Lost Ark's duel system has you covered.