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how to find lost dinos ark

AI Answer
9/12/2022 2:09:23 PM
How to find lost dinos in Ark:

1. Check your tribe's dodo breeding population. One way to find lost dinos is by checking your tribe's dodo breeding population. If you have a lot of dinos, especially big ones, it's likely that some have gone missing. To check the population, open the Tribe Management window (press "T" by default), then click on the "Dinos" tab.

2. Look for footprints. Another way to find lost dinos is by looking for their footprints. If you see a series of footprints leading off into the distance, follow them to see if they belong to a lost dino.

3. Use a Dino Tracker. Dino Trackers are items that can be crafted in the Tek Lab. They emit a signal that allows you to track down nearby dinos. To craft a Dino Tracker, you'll need 50 Element, 10 Metal Ingots, and 1 Advanced Chip.

4. Ask other players. If you're still having trouble finding lost dinos, try asking other players for help. Chances are, someone in your tribe or on your server has lost a dino before and may be able to offer some helpful advice.