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how to get exile armor destiny 2

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9/26/2022 7:16:44 AM
As Guardians venture out into the wilderness of Destiny 2, they’ll inevitably come into contact with all sorts of enemies. Some will be easy to dispatch, while others will require a bit more effort. In order to take on the tougher foes, players will need to equip themselves with the right gear. This is where the game’s various armor sets come into play.

Each of Destiny 2’s three main classes – Titan, Hunter, and Warlock – has its own unique armor set. The Titan’s armor is designed for tanking, the Hunter’s for mobility, and the Warlock’s for support.

While there are a few different ways to obtain armor in Destiny 2, the most reliable is to simply purchase it from vendors using glimmer, the game’s currency. Each of the game’s three main armor vendors – Banshee-44, Master Rahool, and Sloane – specializes in a specific class of armor.

Banshee-44, the AI Gunsmith, is located in the Tower and stocks all Titan armor. Master Rahool, the Cryptarch, is also located in the Tower and is responsible for stocking all Warlock armor. Sloane, the deputy commander of the Last City, can be found in the Salt Mines and stocks all Hunter armor.

In addition to purchasing armor from vendors, players can also find it as loot dropped from enemies or from completing activities such as strikes, raids, and world events.

Each piece of armor in Destiny 2 comes with its own set of perks and abilities that can be used to customize a Guardian’s build. When putting together a build, it’s important to take into account the role that the armor will play.

Titan armor is designed for tanking, so perks that increase health and damage resistance are key. Hunter armor is designed for mobility, so perks that increase speed and agility are important. Warlock armor is designed for support, so perks that increase recovery and buff duration are key.

Once a player has equipped themselves with the right gear, they’ll be ready to take on anything Destiny 2 throws their way.