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how to get hp potions lost ark

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9/26/2022 7:18:07 AM
How to Get HP Potions in Lost Ark

HP potions or "health potions" are a type of item found in Lost Ark. They can be used to heal the player's health by a set amount.

Health potions can be found in many places, such as:

Looting downed enemies

Breaking barrels and crates

Completing quests

Purchasing from merchants

Some specific types of health potions can also be crafted by the player.

When used, health potions will immediately heal the player for a set amount. The amount healed will depend on the type of potion used.

Health potions have a cooldown period after use, during which they cannot be used again. The cooldown period will also depend on the type of potion used.

smaller hp potions have a shorter cooldown than larger ones.

It is generally recommended to keep a stock of health potions on hand, especially when exploring dangerous areas or facing tough enemies. This way, if the player's health is low, they can quickly use a potion to restore some health before it runs out.